Friday, 7 December 2012

Time has gone so quickly at Aalto!

I was completely shocked when I realised that I hadn't posted on here for such a long time! So this will be a very long post trying to get caught up with the happenings of the last 3 months!

So I got my right to study at the end of September so my Ph.D. officially started then. So did the choas that is my life! I was travelling to Helsinki 5 days a week then, getting home late and so tired I didn't want to come and post after all that. Weekends were so busy renovating the house which has come along lovely. some courses started then and others in October

I also went back to the UK for a week for the Energy Event conference. I took my dad with me on the second day and he really enjoyed that day even though he was so tired on his chemo but he is one of the lucky ones, now making a full recovery. Week was pretty mad, mostly conference, then a small gathering of family and friends. Some shopping, packing up a box or two to be shipped back to Finland. I travelled there alone this time, it was very interesting, been so long since i had been home alone! 

We got engaged as well the night I got home from travelling!

Another crazy month, all my phd research was finalised and started, courses, still crazy days travelling. Weekends were once more renovating, working or visiting family. My birthday was at the end of the month.

They found a tumour on mom's lung, and they had to operate in the same month, some what stressful time for me being so far away. But, the operation was successful and the tumour non-cancerous so a lucky break!

Most things for the wedding ordered and delivered, easy process, I don't see why people get so stressed!

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. All I seemed to do was work, work and work in November and it never seemed to be enough, everytime I completed one thing two others replaced the thing I had completed.

Flights booked to UK for christmas, wedding website almost completed, honeymoon's planned, wedding dress picked.

Bonus scheme was released at work too! so that was good.

Early December
Well, other deadlines are around! I got to pick my conferences so I picked China, Canada for 2013 and hopefully Phuket in 2014.

I bought a new ski coat, and a new designer coat that comes mid december. Ordered some Christmas presents but not sorted everyones gifts!

I had a health screen too trying to solve why my weight has gone up, nothing obvious has turned up.. I ran 44km last week, no weight loss. Alas, I shall continue running and see what will happen! can't get any worse!