Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sunny Summer

I don't think it's often that summers are hot for so long here, it has been an excellent summer as yet! Sunny and hot most days. Forecast has predicted 29C for the weekend. Let's hope it holds out for when mom and dad visit.

Cold is still holding on for all it's worth! Ran a fever most of today not helped by no wind so I couldn't get a draft through the apartment. I felt better by the time Eero came home. We went to visit Jouko to wish them a happy holiday. Then went into city where Eero brought a fan so I wouldn't get hot... bliss. Not in the city long and we were both tired from colds. Dropped books to library, recharged bus card and home we came.

Eero made me pizza =) he's sooooooo cute! I <3 him x

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Last week in June

I truly do not know where time goes here, in a few weeks I will have been here 8 months but it still feels like it's only been a few weeks... I think that must be a good sign.

Midsummer weekend Eero's cold got worse and he ran a temperature so we decided to help his recovery we would chill out the rest of the weekend watching 24 and Wolfman. I do enjoy a good session of 24 and Jack being so indestructible... Wolfman was a bit of a let down to me. I love Sir Anthony Hopkins (not in a want to have your babies kind of way) he is a great actor and always plays a great part, I just didn't like the film too much not enough drama or action.

We also stopped by and feed the ducks and some more baby ducks had appeared, hungry for bread. The evening held some strange weather half the sky as so black it should of rained a Noah's ark level of flood but the other half was sunny... there was a few showers then tree hours of just random rumbles of thunder.

Sunday night I started to come down with this cold and I'm still suffering today but not as badly as yesterday so I hope it's losing it's fight to live.

Still no sign of the delivery of books I ordered from waterstones... no one seems to interested in helping either. So I guess I report them lost and reorder them. Grrr.

I read my penultimate Karen Rose book, I can see you in 4 days. Took longer to read with a cold. I do enjoy her books, good twists, bit of romance and some imaginative thriller writing. Always a good page tuner. Now it seems my next load of reading won't be here before I finish the books I have left...

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hyvää Juhannusta kaikille

It was my first midsummer living here in Finland. Friday was a national day off and the only night of the year it is legal to fly flags through the night. It rains according to rumour 4 out of 5 Midsummers. It has been sunny and hot all week so we thought we may get a hot midsummer. Its sunny and warm today (Saturday too) but you guess it, late afternoon on midsummer it rained!

It was a very enjoyable day, we went to Jouko and Kati's summer cottage. My hayfever didn't enjoy the drive there but as soon as we got the side of the lake it got better (phew). The day was hot and sunny. As soon as we parked the car and got out then the mosquitoes started looking for places to bite.

Hanna, Antti, Miia, Vesa, and the kids were also there. We sat on the pier by the sauna as the smoke and breeze kept most of the mosquitoes away. Lunch was barbeque =) (nom nom). After lunch was fill up the paddling pool and waterfight time. The benefit of a sauna when the lake water isn't water part fill paddling pool with water heated in the sauna!!! Surface water temperature of the lake was 21C!

Eero has a cold and was making animals from pine cones and sticks. Then we watched world cup Portugal Vs Brazil. Then the rain started. We took the party inside and talked. The kids had thrown the pine cone animals in the lake by now saying they wanted to go for a swim. Then we left for the drive home (good call from original camping as we would of gotten wet!!)

cone and stick elk

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Poets of the Fall - War

Poets of the Fall - Given and Denied

Jyväskylän yliopisto, uusiutuvaa energiaa

Minä opiskelen uusiutuvaa energiaa Jyväskylän yliopistossa.

Well, today I received a confirmation email about the start of the language course... 5 weeks and 5 days until the Finnish learning starts again properly!! I am excited, part of me worried that in 15 months of work I have forgotten the student life! but I like the new beginnings we that we get to set up life together in a new city for us both. Hopefully Eero's job plans all go to plan.

Next week should mark the beginning of the offerings of the temporary accommodation... =D

23rd and 24th June 2010

Nothing much happened here to report of interest.

23rd I spent 5 hours cleaning the apartment, hanging the new curtains and putting the summer holiday clothes away. No need to put the far it's sunny and hot here! We watched England game and we won... and the other team were alive!! lol at least we played better, not great but better.

Then I spent a few hours reading my dad's Bernard Cornwell book Azincourt, I really enjoyed reading it, it's a historical book but it was very interesting and a page turner. I also read the 4th addition to the twlight saga, the second life of Bree... only 150pages and I read it in a few hours but I thought it was rubbish, uninteresting and very predictable (but I read it all regardless)

24th June
Today I had a more relaxed day. I finished off the Azincourt book and started on my Karen Rose, I can see you. I'm pushing myself to read a lot more this month as I am waiting (still) for my research degree books but I will be lucky to get them before I start at this rate...

I went a short walk and ran a few errands. Came back home and dusted. Checked the mail nothing interesting but it's more fun now things come for me!!

Eero came home earlier as it's Midsummer weekend, so I cooked his pizza and made him a drink. Then he packed his bag and took my bike to Heikki's. Then I get my weekly peace and quiet where I can do as I please for a few hours while the boys play games and watch films... bliss.

I went a walk to supermarket to get some milk and bottled water so we have enough to last the weekend. Came back to sneezing and a runny nose, urgh grass pollen. The warmer spring and now warm summer will try to set my hayfever off at every chance. Not often the grass pollen gets high here but this year is a trying one!

Now I must go make something to eat and read. Maybe a movie or three on the computer =D

Tomorrow off to the summer cottage to camp armed with antihistamines in case the grass pollen wants to make a nuisance of itself

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

22 June 2010

Eero had today off as we were originally planning to come home by train from Helsinki, thankfully Jouko picked us up from the airport and so we had a day to chill out at home (rare event!). We got up early and Eero did the washing for me, though I think my explanation of wash black things and coloured things separately may have gone a miss (my black jeans run). After that, we weren't to sure what to do as waterstones asked me for a day to have a redelivery and I choose Tuesday, they didn't. So complaints sent to waterstones...

In the evening we went to Anttila and brought some new curtains and a day blanket (throw) for the bed this has taken 8 months to find something worth the €80's they cost. We also brought a new pair of bathroom scales ours are black, glass and funky now! Then we went to intersport as we tried to find a bike book bag that would fit on my bike with the basket, it was unsuccessful. Then into citymarket to get the big weekly shop, the cupboards are now restocked and we spent a small fortune! whoopes.... (but nothing new). On the way back to Hervanta I saw a fox sat in the sun in the long grass, I even made Eero turn the car around so we could go look again but it had gone. Foxes here are a lot more red than the UK foxes.

Later still we decided to go a walk in the woods... big mistake. I assumed even though I dubbed the mosquitoes "forest midges" there would be more by the lake than in the woods. I always wondered why so many people here ran or jogged, I know now. Well, I like to think they run to keep the swarm of mosquitoes away from them. They can keep up with a quick walk. We both got biten a few times, I got them mostly on my face and neck which is annoying but Eero got them on his neck and legs. They say you should let them bite you and you get immunity by the end of the summer but if they all bit us we would of been low on blood! After a few kilometres speed walking through the woods up and down hill we hit the hour a day cardio.

We went home and cooked between watching football matches. England game tomorrow on previous games this will be the last!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

UK continued

Wednesday we decided to have a barbeque as the weather was good. Really just any excuse for a party! So in the morning we went to Merry Hill for some food shopping. Eero got some new books from Waterstones and looked for some new games. I was happy to indulge in allergy friendly pizza though I was disappointed it wasn't as good as the ones we make! Also had some not so friendly scones with clotted cream (nom nom).

Photo of Ebby and Maisy

Donna (Sherry), boys and Libby May came around for the barbeque along with Eero, Ros, Jim, Dean, mom, dad and myself. Sun shone and we chatted and caught up on the 7 months I had been gone.

Thursday we went to see Angela, Zara and Sienna in the afternoon. Then talked and watched tv in the evening. In the morning moms new sofa and chair arrived, bright red but it does look nice.

Mom wanted lots of different take aways as a treat for Eero to try the many different things we have... even though we have some of it in Finland.

Friday we went to Somerset in the morning to see my grandparents and relax by the seaside. We shopped in Taunton on the Friday. Saturday started cloudy so we decided for the rare event of staying at the bungalow. The sun came out so we sat in the sun and read. Later we went to the bar to see Irene and there was a quiz on in the bar so we played along. Then back to the bungalow for more talking and gossiping.

Photo of some of granddads roses and lilies

Sunday we left the bungalow around lunch time and headed for home. Once there I petted all the cats again and feed the tortoises a strawberry all but Alfie who has gone missing (as normal). Even Lucky the cat showed up for some loving, he even played chase the stick (little old thing doesn't normally want to play). Eden was also around as Dean is looking after her this week. I got to see my brother Paul too and I got Eden to carry the unlit birthday into Paul and Dean as a belated cake. Lisa O then popped in for a visit and a gossip while Eero watched the football. As usual Tom made a nuisance of himself so I put him outside, cute but a pest. We called Aunty Hazel and Uncle Hubert too to chat to them as we had little visiting time.

Monday morning, Dean's first day at his new job for the nhs. Eden was dropped off early so playtime started early. We then went up the town to get currency changed, chocolate and a few odds and ends. Eden wanted me to buy her some Disney princess plasters so I did. We then went home and finished packing. We said goodbye to the pets and got in the car for the drive to Manchester airport. Eden fell asleep part way into the journey.

Mom, dad and Eden dropped Eero and me off at the airport, we said our goodbyes and went and checked in at terminal 3. The flight back was a pleasant one it was light during both take off and landing. We flew quite low over Denmark, Sweden and then Finland seeing such beauty from above just made me remember why I came here in the first place. We got off the planes and my hayfever still made me sneeze a little but the grass pollen is normally higher in Helsinki.

We landed got our bags and went to Jouko who had agreed to pick us up which was a great relief no trains with heavy bags! 21st June is the longest day and the sun never went down last night. We stopped for food on the services, the ate. I just drank a ribena. On the drive home we also saw 2 elks trying to find a gap in the motorway fence. They were something I had never seen in real life before so I was happy just wished we could of had a photo of them.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


We had a lovely holiday in Spain, the weather was mostly hot and sunny but we had a few days of showers and cooler weather. June is a temperamental month in Spain it seems. I have been to Benidorm once before but I really loved this visit more than the previous one!

We went out on a few days trips to 5 or 6 different Spanish villages and the Benidolieg caves. The caves were a great day out for me and they aren't a common tourist location so I was super excited. We went to a pretty town called Dénia which is one of the towns were bulls run through the towns and are chased into the sea. The trips were great fun and we saw some really beautiful towns.

Hotel was also great good food, good choice, great entertainment!

We went with my mom and dad but Eero enjoyed every minute of the trip. Worked out well as a holiday and my parents got to know Eero even more. I don't think they could love him anymore but mom keeps trying!!!

Anyway to cut a long story short we had a great holiday, nice relax, good trips and I wasn't ill so we had a very active holiday!

The departure was a nightmare air strikes in France gave us 2.5hour delay as soon as we hit the airport, follower but another 3.5hour delay as a storm made our plane land in Valencia airport and not in Alicante. It was a long annoying day as no travel reps could be found to complain too. Alas we got home eventually ate and went to bed.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back to the UK

We returned to the UK via Ryanair and I remember why I dislike the airline, the annoying fanfair when you land, the bright yellow interior that gives me a headache. Nothing else is much different though we did have a very rough landing the plane bounced like a rubber ball onto the runway. People even gasped (which I thought was amusing). Then everyone rushed to get off just to queue at the boarder control and wait for their luggage.

We landed 25 minutes early though with dad and Dean (my brother) waiting for us. Mom had packed me an allergy friendly pizza and Eero Marks & Spencers most expensive sandwich also some chocolate for us both. Along with a cooler box full of drinks. So we snacked and talked the entire drive home.

The weather so hot and humid when we landed almost tropical. We drove up the A14 home, one of my favourite roads as I worked on it almost daily fo 15 months. Dad ased where I worked and wanted to know which landfill I got Lucky from (named as he was lucky to be alive he was so starved).

We were almost home and we went to the supermarket to get mom her suprise belated birthday cake (mom loves cake), Dean got some barbeque food for the party on Sunday.

When we got home mom was waiting in the window. We ordered chinese and talked until we were all tired and ready for bed. Dad and me then went to the local corner shop got some cat biscuits and some flowers to plant the next day.

Sunday morning we got up early and came downstairs. We went to Merry Hill for some last minute shopping. Thy had nothing that Eero wanted in stock which was annoying but I got everything I needed. We then went food shopping to get the finger foods for the party.

On returning home around lunch time dad and me went to the DIY shop for the rest of the bedding plants for the garden. So we just got home and placed the flowers on the patio and it started to rain.

The party was a small get together this time, smaller than last but it was a nice catch up with Ros and Jim too. Then it cleared up so I finished sorting the hanging basket for the front of the house and the two pots out front, the two pots on the rear patio and the huge wall planting part. I started to resculpt the tortoise garden after we spent over an hour hunting Alfie who had buried himself in the dirt under the log. I just have 30 minutes planting left to do in that garden and thats the gardening at mom and dad's done. They don't like doing the flower planting for some reason.

The night is yet young and the party continues <3 x

Friday, 4 June 2010

Week of sorting, cleaning and packing

I say now that I love going away also that I love to go back home but I hate packing. Not only do I have to fit all the clothes, straighteners, make up, more clothes, gifts (which are all edible this time)but I have to take things to eat and drink for the Spain holiday... annoying but it saves me being so ill and itching the whole time. Good job E packs light!

This week has been quite productive really, I even had time to go and open a bank account (bank chosen by the sexy husband). My "things to do" list is shorter than ever! He still wants me to remember my ID number but I can't remember my phone number... though I kind of know both today.

We are both really excited about both of our holidays and I know I won't sleep tonight but E would sleep on a bed on nails on a ship in a storm... Mom's excited too, every few hours a call, today she emphasized that dad would pick us up TOMORROW... like I was going to forget. The one thing apart from seeing my family I love about going home is eating the naughty things that I can't get here in Finland... if I want pizza here we make it, I can't go to Sainsbury's and buy one.

I dislike the week before though as I am a nightmare to live with then, homesickness strikes and I get irritable. E doesn't seem to be bothered by this which is good, he let's it fly cause he knows its just a phase.

Can't wait to see my pets... mom said the tortoises have been egg laying again, shame we have no male to sort it out for some babies...

I can't wait to see the cats either, Especially my little Ebby and Maisy =)(or not so little if moms been feeding them).

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


OK, so I am behind with most peoples design to look good in a bikini by summer. I look good enough now but I have decided to get into the Finnish way of fitness. So, today I took a walk to the shops brought some bottled water. That was the begining of my 1km walk. Then I came back did the laundry and cleaning. I have 6 months today to lose 9kg shouldn't be too hard!

Then tonight we went for an 8km while it was sunny and 21C! So off we went, I decided to go in my trainers (big mistake) as I had been wearing them for short walks for a week. I now have blisters on both my small toes the length of my small toes (ouch) at least they didn't burst. Eero being hopelessly romantic brought me some new socks from intersport when we got to citymarket. Though we both knew my foot would stiil hurt I didn't want to get the bus back. E was attacked by mosquitoes on the way home and one was the size of a small dog lol (maybe not but it was huge!)

We went to citymarket to get some gifts to go home with few bars of chocolate and some cakes that everyone liked the best last time. Oh I got Dean some strawberry flavour Finnish oreo's. Granddad and nan got additional liquorish.

This morning I got my personal Identity Number so now all is well in my little world! I'm also excited about going to UK!

Still getting random rashes but I think, to almost certain it's to do with the birch pollen levels being so high. I am not looking forward to returning to UK with grass pollen levels when we return but I have packed my hay-fever medications so I'm at least prepared...

Today was good, walked 9km, got my ID number, got small gifts for all our family and loved ones.

Looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow and a walk in my sandals