Thursday, 30 January 2014

Inspirational quotes

I know some people hate these but for they are effective. For me, this is grounding and my motivation loves this stuff.

Winters of extremes

Well winter 2012, we had so much snow and it came early. I was in heaven

Winter 2012, almost knee deep snow

Winter 2013, on the otherhand gave us a mild winter and a black Christmas! Almost the end of January now and still only a few inches!! that's never a good thing!!!

 Mid Jan

 little more snow Jan but it melted again

End of November 2013

UK pets

The cats are still fine. The tortoises smaller ones were abducted by foxes in summer when mom and dad came here but luckily they were found a little battered but they lived and were not shocked.

 Tom, helping dads beans grow

Ebby and Maisy napping

Maisy sleeping

Ebby loves boxes and bags and can't keep herself out of them

Tom wants dad to rub his belly 24 hours a day and is often found like this. Tom thinks it's dad sole purpose in life

Fatty Tom in the garden, he gets a bit excited sometimes but loves to be chased around the garden

Autumn and my birthday

2013 did bring me my 29th birthday, somehow they found out at work and made me a special dinner and a free pudding. All allergy friendly. After getting all our celebration cakes from there I love Fazer restaurants!

Birthday lunch

Well there are the wonderful colours of autumn too, I did take a few shots on my phone camera at work

Some point in 2013 I also finished the cross stitching, now I have the same one to make for nan which I have started on as well.

Autumn from our back garden

Just before a thunderstorm, you can almost see it