Friday, 30 July 2010

Granddad's 82 today!

Would love to wish my Granddad a Happy Birthday! I hope the weather is sunny in the UK today! xxx

Last week in July

It has been a busy week. I move to Jyväskylä early next week and Kesäyliopisto (Summer University) starts next week for the month. So as you probably guessed I have spent most of the week packing up my things, first they went into a maybe pile, then the definitely pile. I am in halls until Eero moves up so space will be very restricted until we move up there properly.

I only have 3 days off from Wednesday to the start of my master's degree so I have no doubt Christmas will be upon us before we even know it!!! Hopefully we go back to UK this Christmas... mom and dad are coming to Lapland Christmas 2011.

Even got a new contract phone connection so life is good!!

Last night Eero brought me a new bag for university, it's great, I love it and have started to put all my brooches and pins all over it!!

We also put the new bike bag and light on my bike... almost ready for the little move!

Powerful Storm Leaves Tens of Thousands of Homes without Electricity

The aftermath of a hot and humid day... we didn't have much of a storm here but the little bit we did have was very powerful

Powerful Storm Leaves Tens of Thousands of Homes without Electricity

Mercury Hits All-Time Record of 37.2 Degrees

Some like it hot!
Mercury Hits All-Time Record of 37.2 Degrees

Monday, 26 July 2010

Mom and Dad's First Visit to Finland (part 2)

Monday 19th July
We exploded the rest of Hervanta in the afternoon. We did the washing and chores in the morning. Then went to Tampere Ikea... mom found some things they want for their new kitchen so they maybe importing stuff from Finland =) We brought more things we didn't need but I wanted =D

Tuesday 20th July
We went to Ahvenisjärvi and saw baby ducks, mom and dad enjoyed walking around the small lake we did it whenever they wanted too. We went into the shopping centre and spent sometime in there. We got shopping for dinner and made 4 home made pizzas. This is a meal I worried about with dad as he's not a lover of tomato sauce but he really enjoyed the pizza!

Wednesday 21st July
Mom, dad and me went into city to explore the rest of what we hadn't finished yet! We spent 3 hours looking around the city. We went into Kauppatori mom got a cake and dad got a potato cake (forgot the name at this minute). We came home and got changed and went to Perti's summer cottage. Another wonderful night, barbeque and more fish. Sun set on the lake was so pretty and mom sat on a rock watching the lake and talking most the night. We then left the summer cottage around 9pm and Eero took mom and dad on a little tour around Lempäälä.

Part Family shot

Sunset at Perti's summer cottage, Lempäälä

Me looking windswept

Thursday 22nd July
Tonight we are going to the 3rd summer cotttage and barbeque of the week. In the day we walked around Hervanta and Ahvenisjärvi. Baked two more cakes to take to the summer cottage. This summer cottage was a friend's and was in Valkeakoski (white rapids). Another nice night mom and dad got to met Eero's brother and sister's and the rest of the family. We talked into the night... We all had sauna and a swim in the lake. Mom and dad didn't go in but regretted it later.

Sunset at Valeakoskii

Eero resting <3

Friday 23rd July
Jouko came by to fetch us and we went to Viikisaari with him and Kati. This was an excellent day... we got to see and do lots of things and places I didn't know about. We had lunch in the resturant and had a little walk around the island. Then we went to Pyynikin Näkötorni, we went to the top of the observatory and took a few photos. Jouko drove us around some old houses to show mom more homes. Then we went back to Jouko and Kati's house and had doughnuts and coffee... Kati got me some bread I could eat =)

yes, this is photographic evidence of mom on a boat...

This was one of mom and dad's favourite days. They loved meeting Eero's family and seeing them so much.

In the evening we went to Ideapark, I got a new Halti bike bag and a new Halti coat that cost €200! whoohoo. Mom, dad and Eero had chinese takeway.

Saturday 24th July
The penultimate day, cloudy and cool matched the mood of the holiday almost over for me at least! We got up and went to Jyväskylä. We showed mom and dad the area where I was moving too in August and probably where Eero and me move for the next 2 years before we return to Tampere to settle. Though we did some house shopping while in Jyväskylä but there was nothing we wanted to buy! lol so rent it is! hehe mom and dad even did some summer house shopping.

We then showed mom and dad the university buildings I will be in then to the city centre campus where my language course is. We then parked up and went for an explore around city. Mom, dad and Eero ate lunch in Amarillo, looked lovely but they had nothing I could adapt to be allergy friendly. I also discovered Stockmann is only in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku... so I now its a certainty we will settle permanently in Tampere now! but I am excited about our two years in Jyväskylä.

Sunday 25th July
Home day for mom and dad. We were going to Helsinki but we decided not to bother. We talked all morning then went to get some kotipizza. Then in the evening we drove to Helsinki. Mom managed to cry, who knows why but I can't see her cry without crying so that was the goodbye. Mom managed to cry in the airport again and Eero was trying to wave to her but I told him not to cause she wass crying enough. There flight home was delayed by 2 hours, which annoyed me as delays can leave a bitter taste in a holiday's memories but next time they fly with another airline!

Mom promised Eero they would visit a month next year and also come for Christmas 2011... so the excitement begins. They loved their trip more than we thought they would. They loved to see so much to Eero's family and how welcome they made them here.

Mom and Dad's First Visit to Finland (part 1)

Wednesday 14th July
We have had such a hot summer here but today there's a thunderstorm. It lasted a few hours mostly just fork lightening with a the odd rumble of thunder. It did rain but not really for long just a very heavy shower.

We left for Helsinki around 6pm and stopped off at Hanna and Antti's in Helsinki. Then we went to the airport to fetch mom and dad, it was cloudy but still 30C! tropical almost... While we were waiting for mom and dad I heard a man say "Go, I wished it was this hot at home but it was raining when we left"... I smiled, happy we were getting the best weather! We didn't have a long wait until they left the arrivals door. We had a 2 hour drive home so we put the suitcase in the car and started for the services where mom, dad and E could get something nice to eat. It was a quite ride home with mom just looking at the amount of trees and lakes (she thought we exaggerated I think!).

Thursday 15th July
So on their first proper day we decided to stay local, show them Ahvenisjärvi and get a little something for lunch. We brought the ducks some bread and we all went and feed them later on in the evening. Kirsti and Perti were coming for dinner Friday so we baked two cakes for the occasion. It was hot and sunny.

Friday 16th July
Another hot and sunny day. We had another walk around Hervanta then we cooked two quiches and homemade a pizza. Early evening and Kirsti and Perti arrived, it was a great night and everyone got on great and talked and talked and talked! Went so well they planned their next meeting for a few days in the holiday.

Saturday 17th July
Hot, hot, hot! We went into city on the bus. We walked around Finlayson and the library side of town. Dad and Eero had an ice cream, Dad had pear flavour and Eero had mango. We then went into the Kauppatori (indoor market) I had some wild Finnish river salmon and dad got some smoked reindeer. In the afternoon we went for a swim and sunbathe in Suolijärvi, the lake was full of people but the water was warm too. Even mom went in!!!

mom in Suolijärvi

mom and dad on Suolijärvi beach

Sunday 18th July
Jouko came to fetch us to take us to the summer cottage. They then met Kati when we got to Orivesi. Today was warm but cloudy, threatened rain but it never came. We ate reindeer and goats cheese burgers (omg food heaven)herring in sauce, smoked perch fresh from the lake. It was the start of moms eating week (she doesn't normally eat much like a sparrow!)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

8 months today!!

Today is the 8 month anniversary of my moving here permanently. It is also the hottest day of the year so far, 34C outside and we haven't had chance to hit the lake yet today. We went on a big shop to citymarket to make sure we had loads of food and drinks in the house when our guests get here tomorrow evening.

It's been a really good week, everything is falling nicely into place. Tomorrow i have to finish up the normal cleaning routine and then we drive to Helsinki in the afternoon. Forecast rain and thunder tomorrow but still meant to be 24C!!

Also the confirmation and tenancy agreement is here for Jyväskylä so life is very, very good! with luck the weather stays warm and dry so the visitors really enjoy their stay and see Finland at it's best (it's their first time).

Monday, 12 July 2010

Johanna and Jarmo's hääpäivä, Kuhmo.

Eero and myself hired a summer cottage to stay in the weekend by the lakeside on a tiny campsite. Kuhmo is in the east of Finland not to far from the Russian boarder.

Friday we traveled to Jyväskylä to meet Pekka and Katri to start the drive to Kuhmo. Drive from here in Tampere was just over 6 hours. It was late dinner time by the time we got there and on the walk to the cabin there were clouds of mosquitoes but the weather was right, no wind, warm and in the woods. We made food then Eero decided he was going swimming in the lake (to many bugs for me all your could hear was ng nnng nnnng without being in the favourite biting place the lake!!)

It was very hot and the water came from a well, colder than tap water which was lovely to wash in. The water toilet was a 1.2km walk (round trip) so I got a lot of exercise for the time we were on the site.

Saturday was hot again around 29C, we got dressed for the wedding and Pekka came to pick us up. Wedding was at 2pm and was another lovely ceremony. Then to the hotel for the food, dancing and all other entertainment!

Sunday morning we left early for the long drive back. Eero and myself went on a little mission when we got back to Jyväskylä we went and found the student accommodation I have temporarily it was in a really nice place so I think we may have even found where we want to rent privately come the fall. =)

Then we drove back home to Tampere, the temperature outside was 31C!!! Made homemade pizza and watched Spain Vs Netherlands.

I have now experienced both winter (minus 18C) and summer (29C) weddings. Both were really lovely at least my camera didn't freeze up on the summer one so we have a few more photos!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

First week of July + Jyväskylä

It has been sunny and hot here all week.... averaging around 25C in the day and 17C at night. Wednesday lunch time the sky darkened with the thunder and rained they forecast looked promising. All we got was 25 minutes rain then the sun came out again forcing the humidity through the roof!

We have had a peaceful week, mostly. Monday the excitement was going to citymarket to make sure I had a few odds and ends sorted for the visitors next week! We also went to Anttila for nothing in particular just a look around to see if there was anything we wanted... there wasn't. I wanted to get some new dishes and plates but they didn't have in stock what we both liked. So Eero promised to take me to another bigger Anttila later in the week. Which he did today and we have the plates! Hopefully we can order the other things online or go back to the smaller Anttila... so much to do and so little time.

Eero has watched football whenever it was on and I read my book, just keeping an eye on the score. Still my books have not been dispatched after I declared them lost after never receiving them, it's so stressful waiting for these things and we have had no other problems getting things in the mail...

Wednesday I got my offer on the temporary student accommodation for the 2 months I need it in Jyväskylä, so I accepted that and we paid it off... the first bill to get paid from my Finnish account...

Lots of interesting things happened this week with jobs and cars both will change soon! I, on the other hand decided not to bother with a car just yet.... cheap trains and I get the bonus of borrowing our car when Eero isn't using it for work (same as now!).... best of both worlds I say!

Anyway this weekend it is Johanna and Jarmo's wedding so I must go pack ready for it =)

Monday, 5 July 2010

4th July + Jyväskylä Update

Another crazy Sunday, got up cleaned a little. Eero had Jere come around for a few hours to play on the wii. While I caught up with my things to do, emails and other odd jobs. I also ended up playing sudoku! It was as hot as they promised.

We then went to get shopping from supermarket. I was planning to bake some cakes and make some homemade blackcurrant juice but I just didn't find the time or the want to be honest. I am still so tired from the end of this cold, it's actually shocking!

I called dad and we wished him happy birthday. Then chatted to mom on the phone for a while and caught up on the gossip from home. I miss being the first to hear things! Then we went on a drive to the spare garage and brought all the winter tires to our storage room. We then settled down to watch Shutter Island, it was a great film with a good twist that you don't see to much off these days! Anyway I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet but it is worth it!

Well, Saturday while we were in Turku, i received an email from my tutor in Jyväskylä. A really nice friendly email telling me about herself and the university. Impressive I thought. Anyway I replied Sunday, telling her about me, us and life in Finland.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy Birthday DAD!!!

I would love to wish my dad a Happy Birthday for today! (I never thought to do this with mom's birthday). We brought him the rest of the books to finish his trilogy off and then a random Bernard Cornwell book too.

We are having a small party with food and cake not forgetting beer when they come visit us soon in Finland!


Raisio, Turku, Naantali

Early to rise on Saturday, we packed the last few food things for our day out to visit Pekka and Katri and we left for Raisio. The original plan was to visit muumimaailma (Moomin World) but we decided with the day being so hot, time being limited, football being on that we would just visit the moomin shop. Happy with that we went to the shop. It was 28C outside and hot as hell.

We went to the shop, I was looking for a backpack, bike bag, badges/pins, pens anything I could justify buying. The shop was expensive like most shops of it's kind. We found a rucksack but I didn't like the design of it just didn't scream moomins like the price tag. Not surprising that there was no bike bag but a girl has to hope. We found some pins and I choose 4 of them to put on my new bag, when I get it! Looks like it will be Halti now and not moomin! We also got mom and dad a moomin rubber luggage tag each... of course I got one for myself too (Eero got me one =D)

After the shop to the bar... Then we drove in Turku, I have never been there before. We went to a Medieval Faire. It was a big one with shops, food and all sorts going on. I wished dad had been there it would of been his thing to eat all the odd foods they were serving. On the walk back to the car we saw some baby ducks. Eero showed me the church I think translated to doom church...

Then we went to a huge citymarket to get me cheese and milk. We returned to Pekka and Katri's and ate, watched football. Then we went to play mölkky, I had never played before but I did like the game and plan on buying it for some out door entertainment!

We left around 9.30pm, I was on driving duty for the longest drive I had done yet. It was a strange drive home as I am still aware that it's the wrong side of the road nor have I ever had to watch out for elks before. We arrived home two hours later in one piece so it must of been good!

Friday, 2 July 2010

1st and 2nd July

Nothing to exciting to blog about really. Ran a few errands in the city, finished off with a quick visit to the city today. Spending more money but such is life! and this new life is definitely worth that money. It is still really hot and sunny here, hope it stays that way for when mom and dad visit.

1st July, I had an email from Jyväskylä confirming the language course booking, telling me times and general information. They said that I should get a further email soon with a tutor's contact details... I don't really need the "standard" tutor stuff I have been here and we have set up all that I need in order to survive here but it would be nice to have a friendly face and maybe just maybe get some new friends from it =). I am really looking forward to starting at Jyväskylä now and everything is slowly falling into place.

Nan and Granddad have called a lot this last week, they appear to be worried about when they will see me again... they don't know it will be December time as there is no October half term breaks at Finnish universities. They haven't asked. They seem excited that there's a chance Eero is coming for Christmas and a chance we may go abroad for it. Who knows yet though, it is far from sorted or organised. It does seem like a fair option considering I have spent two Christmas' here.

We both still have the end of a nasty cold, it's been a week and I still keep having random fevers but thankfully they now burn out in an hour. Eero is at Heikki's tonight (2nd), Eero even got me some rice wafers and water from the shop, bless him.

I haven't picked up my Finnish books for over a week thanks to a cold, well the lack of me being able to focus and concentrate. So I have resorted to reading my normal books. Waterstones are now resending my books as I never got the other order so hopefully I get the books before we get visitors!

I am enjoying summer though, the sun is great (mosquitoes aren't so great)and the grass pollen isn't as evil (yet). I'm getting slight itching in my eyes, nose and throat so I know the pollen is there but it's not killing me like it does at home.

Work in the city is progressing well, they are putting stalls up for Tammerfest 2010. I think it will be a good festival but it's quite expensive as you pay to see the separate artists you want to see. I am half hoping to go see Poets of the Fall again but we will see.

I am missing the wok wok crew and I hope we regroup soon, I don't think I have seen them since the end of May =( but still we have facebook and I know they are alive and well!

The weekend's weather forecast is hot and sunny up to 30C and we are going on a day trip to almost Turku tomorrow and to the moomin world!!! whoohooo!!! plus we get to see Katri and Pekka!!! Katri and me can buy moomin things while we distract the boys with football but more on those antics after they happen!