Friday, 30 July 2010

Last week in July

It has been a busy week. I move to Jyväskylä early next week and Kesäyliopisto (Summer University) starts next week for the month. So as you probably guessed I have spent most of the week packing up my things, first they went into a maybe pile, then the definitely pile. I am in halls until Eero moves up so space will be very restricted until we move up there properly.

I only have 3 days off from Wednesday to the start of my master's degree so I have no doubt Christmas will be upon us before we even know it!!! Hopefully we go back to UK this Christmas... mom and dad are coming to Lapland Christmas 2011.

Even got a new contract phone connection so life is good!!

Last night Eero brought me a new bag for university, it's great, I love it and have started to put all my brooches and pins all over it!!

We also put the new bike bag and light on my bike... almost ready for the little move!

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