Monday, 12 July 2010

Johanna and Jarmo's hääpäivä, Kuhmo.

Eero and myself hired a summer cottage to stay in the weekend by the lakeside on a tiny campsite. Kuhmo is in the east of Finland not to far from the Russian boarder.

Friday we traveled to Jyväskylä to meet Pekka and Katri to start the drive to Kuhmo. Drive from here in Tampere was just over 6 hours. It was late dinner time by the time we got there and on the walk to the cabin there were clouds of mosquitoes but the weather was right, no wind, warm and in the woods. We made food then Eero decided he was going swimming in the lake (to many bugs for me all your could hear was ng nnng nnnng without being in the favourite biting place the lake!!)

It was very hot and the water came from a well, colder than tap water which was lovely to wash in. The water toilet was a 1.2km walk (round trip) so I got a lot of exercise for the time we were on the site.

Saturday was hot again around 29C, we got dressed for the wedding and Pekka came to pick us up. Wedding was at 2pm and was another lovely ceremony. Then to the hotel for the food, dancing and all other entertainment!

Sunday morning we left early for the long drive back. Eero and myself went on a little mission when we got back to Jyväskylä we went and found the student accommodation I have temporarily it was in a really nice place so I think we may have even found where we want to rent privately come the fall. =)

Then we drove back home to Tampere, the temperature outside was 31C!!! Made homemade pizza and watched Spain Vs Netherlands.

I have now experienced both winter (minus 18C) and summer (29C) weddings. Both were really lovely at least my camera didn't freeze up on the summer one so we have a few more photos!

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