Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have 4 weeks left of university now, if all goes well! which there is no reason it shouldn't really.

Today, I finally submitted my PhD application, 40 pages long. Now, I have to wait until the end of June to see if I am one of the lucky few who get in on the first application. time while tell!

I have to go to Siwa, Ristonmaa to pick up a parcel at some point this week. This week is my last week of classes. I have my last finnish class today, last presentation on Ambiotica on Thursday and my last Finnish exams on Friday. Then it's pure thesis writing, all the way home baby!

I am really happy we are going to a sports activity centre after I am done for the weekend, and we get to go horse riding!! yes!! and some other stuff!! =) hoping secretly, I know my future fate by then.

I will also take a photo of my complete Finnish books collection, it's big now. Progress is slow but progress is progress!

Four weeks, we go to the UK for Laura and Jason's wedding, so exciting!! Then we can come back and arrange moving back south as our time here in Jyväskylä, is almost done! =)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring forward

OMG, where should I start? The end of March has been so hetic!!!

So early March, I went to a post grad course at Aalto University for 3 days. The course was actually awesome, the theme was "Energy, Environment and the Community". Something's didn't go as planned with the hotel, broken toilet in one room, broken toilet door in the room I was moved too but after complaining I had a voucher for a free night. Little did, I know then that I would be asked to go back to Espoo in April.

The end of March work ended, this is good as now I am writing my thesis full time and I have time studying again so I can graduate in June. 186ECT completed in two years, something to be proud of!

Then the last week in March, I had a really bad cold, walking to work was horrible trying to think was  not at all possible. I was so ill that I had to cancel registration for an exam! Also the last 3 weeks of March has the lab work task, 3 hours in the lab everyday and then 2 hours calculations every day. Very interesting but hard work.

The 22nd March, there was an international gathering at the job centre, for foreigners who plan to work in Finland. So off Aigi and me went for some information on working on Finland and the best ways to get a job. I had heard that Kela do some great courses for Finnish learning. When I asked it turns out the level is only intermediate Finnish which is where I am now. Though should I be unemployed, I will take the course, practice is always a good thing!

On the same week, I had an email from a Prof saying to call to discuss some issues. Then I was asked to go to an interview 2 weeks later. I had not expected to search for a PhD placement when I went to Espoo, it was just the second time, to check the lay of the land. Alas, an offer I couldn't refuse.

So, I returned the call, and was invited to an interview 3rd of April, scared and excited stuck me after the call. The Prof asked me to prepare my application already, so on top of a heavy workload, I set about the hardest and most complicated application I have ever been through yet. So, as soon as I got back to the office after the call, I made some emails asking a few people to write a recommendation.

Two weeks later, I left for Helsinki, 8 hours on a train in 24 hours, one night in Helsinki. New chances are always exciting. The interview itself lasted one and a half hours with two Professors. It went very quickly and well. They told me I could now submit the official application and all being well there were 2 or 3 projects, I could be involed in. Now the applciation is almost complete, I am just waiting for the project list so as I can finish off my proposal. I don't have long left to finish my application, I also had the warning it is common to be rejected the first time especially as I haven't completed my master's degree before completion. Time will tell and with luck, first time lucky!