Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have 4 weeks left of university now, if all goes well! which there is no reason it shouldn't really.

Today, I finally submitted my PhD application, 40 pages long. Now, I have to wait until the end of June to see if I am one of the lucky few who get in on the first application. time while tell!

I have to go to Siwa, Ristonmaa to pick up a parcel at some point this week. This week is my last week of classes. I have my last finnish class today, last presentation on Ambiotica on Thursday and my last Finnish exams on Friday. Then it's pure thesis writing, all the way home baby!

I am really happy we are going to a sports activity centre after I am done for the weekend, and we get to go horse riding!! yes!! and some other stuff!! =) hoping secretly, I know my future fate by then.

I will also take a photo of my complete Finnish books collection, it's big now. Progress is slow but progress is progress!

Four weeks, we go to the UK for Laura and Jason's wedding, so exciting!! Then we can come back and arrange moving back south as our time here in Jyväskylä, is almost done! =)

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