Monday, 21 May 2012


Where do I begin? 3 weeks ago, I saw a house I loved it, I emailed it to Eero after checking it's location, he liked it and we went to see it, week after we went for the second viewing... 2 days later we made an offer that was accepted. The second viewing was the most fun as we took Eero's parents. It felt more real and that we were more grown up lol

There is our new house, we move in June... ECK!!!! We have lake views! =)

Today is the day my Ph.D. application went to the board, as I sit here typing this I know my fate has already been sealed but yet obviously I sit here waiting. I think somehow, there is a high chance of the rejecting my first application as a motivation checker, and they did say there was a chance they would reject the first time as I didn't have a completed master's degree until the end of this month. We shall see, I think I may get the results while we are in the UK. I think, I would rather be surprised than disappointed so if I think it will be rejected it's realistic it's highly competitive, not at my home university. I would however, love to be surprised! This year is bringing some excellent news as yet would be a shame to break it!

We are going to the UK Wednesday, for a week for Laura and Jason's wedding!

I have done all my exams, finished all my courses, wrote 18 page essay in two days. Now, I just have to complete my thesis as soon as possible and life is good. Master's is almost complete. I have to write results, discussion and evaluation. But I have a page restriction for the bulk of the thesis for 50 pages and if I remember correctly I am on page 37 now. So not far to go and the last push. Need to write a page or two or sort the results or SOMETHING today. Just finishing getting my things together to go for the train tomorrow night. When I submit my thesis I will have completed 86ECT this semester, they recommend 30 a semester.

All my gifts are packed and I know my parents and grandparents don't require such grand gestures, but for us, I think it was a nicest thing to do. They are all so proud of what we have done this year, what we have planned that I am not free to discuss here freely yet. But this year and the next will be two to remember! =)

I also went to see Ratih, a few weeks ago, who has now had their new baby =) it was such a hot day then, we ate cake and talked for 4 hours =) happy times! I can't wait to come back from UK and go take them all a cake or something nice

As,  I go on I am remember things, so now this isn't in chronological order. Note to self, write blog more frequently

I went to the nutritionist doctor, who told me my diet was balance and I only needed to take folic  acid vitamins, eat less fat, avoid fructose, drink less milk, and my exercise or planned exercise as I am not doing much this month, the side effect of doing so much this semester is time is a luxury I don't have much of. Can't wait to start running by the lake at the new house though!

Also we had the end of course party, Annika, Teemu, Eero and myself at our apartment, grill and cooking and eating profiteroles... good times. Awesome night full of laughs and jokes, of course hockey too!

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