Monday, 31 May 2010

31st May 2010

Sunny and 22C today! summer is here!!!!!!!

Today was a rough day rashes and ill and the cause unknown! urgh. E did tell me while we were walking that birch pollen is at it's peak which could be the cause or have something to do with it. We went for a walk this evening and went to feed the ducks. We feed them some rolls E made the day before (ducks got what he didn't eat on the way). I love to go walking with E so playful and cheeky! <3 x

Still waiting for my books from waterstone's Friday is the last day they should come, here's to hoping as we fly on Saturday.

I have a few suprises for E when we get back to the UK, I been saving my free cash to get him something nice! (can't say yet, yes babe I know you read this)

Lilies are growing fast must be 18hours 45mins of daylight currently.

Mom, dad, Dean, Eden, nan, granddad and Irene ave enjoyed themselves in Somerset today (its bank holiday) going around the gardens. mom even baked 72 cupcakes!!!

I started to pack today... I have so many clothes I would like to take! it's hard as we have a week in Spain and a week in the UK!!! packing short list continues tomorrow!!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

30th May 2010

It has been a good weekend. Saturday we chilled out cooked and in the afternoon E went to Heikki's. I sat for almost 3 hours learning Finnish too. I was still up at 3am when E got home watching dodgy early morning horror films (planet terror). I did also watch most of Eurovision too, UK last! (act was crap though) I thought Turkey and few others were better than Germany (but they won by a landslide).

Sunday, we didn't get up until late... (whoopes) It was a lazy Sunday we went food shopping, cleaned up and surfed the net. We also did some baking E made some bread for us that even I can eat. It is divine!!!

Then we did some home made pizza. Here's a photo of Eeros, spicy meat feast

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Friday 28th May 2010

Friday was our anniversary, two years has passed so quickly and very happily. I have been here six and half months now and life is great.

We went into city and ate dinner in New York restaurant (opposite hesburger and under mac donalds). I wasn't hungry but we will go back there soon as there's a steak with my name on it! Eero ate his burger, we talked and then walked around city. We had a movie booked in at 8pm. We saw Robin Hood, I really enjoyed it. Good film, good seats, cuddled up in the dark! Weird when we came out the cinema and it was light. I was hungry then so we went to macdonalds and E brought me some fries.

We walked to the bus station and caught the bus back home, ate and watched some more 24.

I <3 E


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Week 21

Nothing much to report on this week. Monday evening we went to ideapark and brought some trainers for Spain and UK. It was rainy. Tuesday, I cleaned the apartment and washed clothes. Wednesday I went a walk to shopping centre and brought some milk and things for dinner. Homemade pizza, yummy. We also feed 24 ducks, 4 pigeons and a weird bird I haven't found yet (will look in my book soon). We then went to Kirsti's and took the bikes apart to be recycled. I decided I want a book bag on my bike too, as I have a basket on the back for my handbag =)

Today I went into city and registered myself as a foreigner, I am excited as I will now get an ID number and live normally here! whoohoo!

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary <3


Donna (Sherry) gave birth to Libby-May on 26th May 23.40pm. She weighs 8lb 1oz. Mother and baby are doing well!

I am excited to go back to UK even more now! I bet James and Cory are super excited too!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Lahti and a fly by visit to Mikkeli

Saturday morning I did some baking for the long two days driving around. It was another hot day, so hot that driving in the car wasn't the best thing we could of thought to do but going to a house warming was exciting! We left for Lahti around 2pm, filled the car up of petrol and cleaned the windows (I used the long stick window washer, trying to avoid getting near too much birch pollen). The drive was really pretty everything green, woods and then some big lakes (normal Finnish scenery) though it doesn't matter how many times you see it all, it's still beautiful.

Time passed driving quickly being silly joking, talking and listening to music. We got some luomu milk for me when we were almost there.

Then I meet Vesa (again) and Annukka whose house warming it was! Anyway more people turned up and we played board games, drank and ate. Then we went into Lahti centre and went clubbing. The night finished with hesburger were I managed to get a blood sugar crash (thankfully i had ribena and choc in bag) though it didn't raise my blood sugar much. I really enjoyed that night and even the wait for the taxi. Though I was cold, my legs were weak and shaking and my eyes didn't want to focus... I have no clue how my blood sugar got so low and it's been 4 or 5 years since it crashed like that. I put it down to being ill all last week and not eating much but walking a lot and not eating much that day but dancing all night. Oh well, no harm done. Annukka gave me a banana when we got home, blood sugar saved. I just learnt I'm not as immortal as I like to think.

Sunday we got up (late), ate, watched tv. The boys went or pizza and Annukka and I saw watching tv and talked. Great weekend. Around 2pm we left for Mikkeli. It had threaten rain but as we drove Eero said "the weather forecast was wrong", two minutes later it rained. I was amused. Rain was off and on all the way to Mikkeli (I love the smell of wet forest here). We drove around Mikkeli looking at the places both we went to and Eero(Mikkeli school, bars, old apartment, places we walked) looking at the new hole in the city floor. Then we went to citymarket (tried to) then we remembered it was helluntai (whitsun) so everything was shut. We then drove to Jarmo and Johanna's had coffee and dropped off the stuff we had too (Jarmo was away in Oulu) and then we left to drive home.

I love the drive from Mikkeli to Jyväskylä it is soooo pretty even when it's raining. I saw swans on most lakes on the way home, and lots of foals (baby horses) they were super cute! The drive home was long but as normal we entertained each other being silly and talking.

We drove through Jyväskylä and I pointed out roadsigns were we could live, where I would like to live, where I thought university campus was. We also saw some signs that we wanted to do and go see. We didn't stop though the day had been long enough and we have time to go look around and see what's around after Spain and the UK.

We got home around 9pm, still raining and unpacked the car. We saw a huge rabbit when we got back to the apartment running around in the rain. I then cooked us some dinner, we ate, showered, watched some hockey and slept

A great weekend though!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Freaky Friday

It's been a hit and miss day... I was meant to go to wok wok to see the girls but I have had another day of being ill. Seems to be running alongside the high birch pollen rates and it makes sense that it could make me ill as I have the birch food pollen allergy. Hoping for some rain and drop in pollen counts to test this theory out.

I heard back from the one job I applied for (but knew then chances were slim as I didn't have the work experience they wanted) was a rejection. Over 15,000 people applied for 5 jobs (same job different locations). I haven't taken it to heart as I never stood much chance as Finnish speaking was a requirement. Even the rejection email was in Finnish lol but I am glad the company took the time to email people back. A job's not important now I'm starting university again and I have my right of residence.

Quite day, I have been lying down most the day as I haven't felt well. However, Eero being hopelessly romantic brought me a whole box full of rice wafers.

Another random update...
The best €10 we ever spent and we got him Vappu

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Spring is sprung

Tonight's walk we only went to feed the ducks on Ahvenisjärvi while we were there, I spotted this;

Walk was late due to the hockey game going over which we lost in penalties... I will walk Suolijärvi alone tomorrow evening as Eero is at Heikki's =)

Things are looking up... finally

Well, I just received my official Right of Residence to stay here... I don't feel like an alien now, that sort of homeless feeling has pasted and I can stay without leaving every 3 months! Alas, I will still leave as often as I can to see friends and family and they can always visit us.

So now, I get to do normal things and fill in a million more forms to get them no doubt. Progress can't be denied though... To new beginnings and my own bus pass!

Oh, we walked around Suolijärvi again last night, I love that walk! Although I saw mosquitoes and some weird march type fly tried bite my head. Today is meant to be the last sunny hot day for a while.

Later I am going out on my bike. We are going shopping for rice wafers then back for ice hockey at 5pm. Hopefully we win this time! I am hoping E wants to come a walk after too.

I decided on a fitness plan, to lose 9kg over the next 6 months. Week one and only doing 4 nights of walking 4.3km in 38mins. Plan on doing it daily from next week. There's also a bike path too but its a bit to hilly for my current level of unfitness. Also started on the outdoor gym yesterday, I discovered I still have that motion problem when i get over something that moves like a treadmill my ears are screwed and it still feels like I'm moving. But life's hard, what can you do but play the game with the cards you are given!!!

Anyway, I need to finish the chores and go outside for a little bit.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

clean, sort and tidy

Well, it took almost 3 hours to clean and sort my stuff in the wardrobe. Today all I have done yet is clean, sort and tidy! Still apartment is looking shiny and clean! =D

Hopefully go on a walk around Suolijärvi later on, weather is meant to break rain and normal spring time temperatures are set to return (14C) but we can hope the warm comes back soon!

my UK chocolate package from mom has still not arrived (stupid ash cloud). 20 days until we go back to the UK, 23 days until Spain!!!

Right, time for a decafe coffee, a piece of dark chocolate and a rice wafer. Then to finish the cleaning and go get some milk (see if they have any!!)

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

18. tiistai, toukokuu

Today has been an annoying day. To start off I overslept and woke up at 9am. I sorted the washing out and decided to bring all my clothes out the wardrobe (where they still are now) by the time I had them all out I wasn't interested in them any more. So I tidied up the little messes I made around the flat while looking for paperwork etc.

Then I went for a little walk as I'm still feeling a little rough, on my walk I decided to go and buy Eero an anniversary present as we have been together 2 years now and give it him early. I had found a board game for him but last time in the shop he mentioned another he wanted so I got him that and a bar of his favourite UK chocolate he has tried yet(double deckers). Mom has brought him a family pack of them when we go home.

The walk made me feel a little better, Eero texted me loads today checking I was ok (hes super cute most the time). Then i decided to go and sort my Right of Residence out at the poliisiasema. After a busy ride standing up on hot full bus (30) I got off the bus outside the police station and went in. It was busy, then the sign said the foreigners section closed at 3pm, so with haste I pressed the ticket button it was 2.05pm and there were 6 people ahead of me. I was seen just after 3pm but this is where it gets annoying... the twice before we had been they said both times that the certificate was in the post and I would receive it within two weeks. I explained this to the woman and then I handed her my university acceptance letter. Then she said there's a hold on your certificate for up to 6 months until you got a job or was excepted in to a university. I was confused and annoyed why didn't they tell me that before instead of keep telling me it was in the post when it obviously wasn't!!!

But the lady assured me that it would be posted now I had the university acceptance letter and I should receive it the end of the week, next week latest. Forgive me for getting excited about this until that certificate is in our mail box.

I will keep you posted...

Oh yes, the next annoying thing then happened I went back to Stockmann delicatessen to buy the shortbread that suit my allergies we have brought here for 2 years. They appear to have been discontinued. Now they stock ones with vanilla flavour which I don't like however, we are testing them with my allergies now (urgh)

Cloudy all day until around 4pm then the sun came out, it's been 21C all day but last few hours have been warmer.

We went to äiti Suominen's to dismantle the other bikes and Kirsti said she would stop by after aerobics and she our newly finished balcony. She liked it too. I am contemplating starting aerobics to, all in Finnish but only €2 an hour and its up to 3 times a week.

Tomorrow we will walk around Suolijärvi in the evening. Now time to watch Finland vs Russia in Ice hockey!!

Still no sign of Libby May, Donna Sherry's tummy is very comfy for Libby. Still she has to come out soon!

minun pyöräni (my bike)

Here is the long awaited photo of my bike, need to get me some baskets for it and then jobs good!


I have so much I need to do I don't know where to start...

I need to sort the wardrobe as the contents are currently on the bedroom floor, go to city and sort this right of residence, go to city library, clean up the few flurries of mess that have appeared since yesterday.

I'm waiting for books to be delivered before we go away that haven't been dispatched from UK yet.

I have to put more time in to learning Finnish and make Eero teach me more speaking.

At least all the university things should be sorted out, just need to ordered a lyyra card. Also need to research a lot of things before university starts! It's been 2 years since my last degree =D

So time to go offline and do some work...

It's cloudy today (can't see the sun but it's still 21C out there!)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Project kesä completed

So, it's the end of the day and I sit on the newly finished balcony. Seems we finished it just in time for summer to start.

Nothing much fun to report today, I am in process of sorting out the wardrobe storing the winter clothes finding the summer clothes and my sports stuff out. Today was mostly doing chores; hoovered, floors washed, dusting, general clean up, 3 loads of washing done (nothing fun).

I also got in touch with Jyväskylä checking confirmation of the language course, one lady was very helpful and rerouted my enquiry from which I am still waiting to hear. I received a confirmation email about my accommodation for the intensive language course but I will be in Tampere as much as I can be.

We watched ice hockey when Eero got home (Finland vs Slovakia), we won! Then we went to the library to return a book, posted my acceptance (acceptance, international student registration and my receipt for the student union) back to University of Jyväskylä. Then went food shopping... there must of been another strike as the shelves were empty so back we went with little of anything.

Eero then went to attach the basket to the front of my bike which doesn't fit... ho hum. So now we have to attach it to the back and maybe get a different one on the front (not a good light to take a photo of the bike I plan on doing it tomorrow). Then hoovered and sorted the balcony, put the new mat down and I attached the new cushions to the chairs (all nicely painted)

Suolijärvi walk

Sunday was a nice day. It did get as hot as Saturday so we went to sunbathe and read on Suolijärvi's beach for a few hours. I still didn't feel great so we came home and I ate. Eero then finished off painting the chairs on the balcony. I got all restless so we decided to go on a walk... so squirrel lake was decided. I didn't pack any water or anything just my camera as squirrel lake is small and we normally walk around the streets and small parks after. Alas came the funny part, Eero decided squirrel lake was Suolijärvi (4.5km walk).

Though I had a headache in the end walking 4.5km in 50 minutes over very rough ground, including picture stops. It was a bit dark to get any good shots as the sun was in the wrong place! Suolijärvi is a strange walk, it doesn't feel like you are going around the lake, then all of a sudden you are back at the swimming pier. There is even a small cliff to climb and the views are beautiful. I loved it and I want to walk it everyday! (with water)

Still didn't feel to well on Sunday evening after the walk so Eero cooked dinner, roasted vegs, mashed potatoes and grilled pork. I was drinking water.

It's odd we have been in the hot sun a lot the weekend and neither of us have burnt we have got the start of a good tan though!!

Also we applied for my student accommodation for the intensive course in August. My school is based over the "pretty" side of the lake so hopefully we get an apartment that side of the lake.

We found a new squirrel to feed too

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Saturday was another hot day, no breeze most of the time so you could feel the sun burning you!

I didn't feel too bad in the morning yesterday so we went shopping for food (my rice wafers which were almost out of stock!!!). We also got some Rice ice cream I tried some at Hanna's it's not bad, if you can't eat dairy it is a very good alternative... I don't tolerate Finnish milk only Luomu doesn't cause much problem.

We decided as I felt a little better we would go picnic at Suolijärvi (everyone else in Hervanta had the same idea). So off we went armed with drink, rice wafers and some chips. We also found a nice blanket we used to sit on. We lay by the lake talking and reading for a few hours. We even braved a paddle (omg the water was sooo cold, not helped by the scorching temperatures)and lost feeling in my feet when the water got half way up my shins.

We then went for a walk around Ahvenisjärvi which is where we took some photos and found the last of a snow pile.

We came home and ate and I didn't feel too good so I canceled going to Nina's (which I was looking forward to all week!!!) lay on the sofa and watched some 24.

Today (Sunday) I slept better than Saturday night. Got up and finished the women pain of leg waxing (lol) I also managed to get wax on the sofa (not a good move). I was ill again today but I have my suspicions to what caused it and if it's right then it should get better from today.

Warm today, not as hot as yesterday. There is also a breeze and some clouds. Leaves are on the trees now and it looks like summer!

Hopefully we get the basket on my bike today and then I will take a photo =D Not much planned today; a walk, film and chill out!

Friday, 14 May 2010

Days of war

Well, today in the glorious sunshine we were going into city and going on a picnic but alas I was ill. Didn't even start until midday but continued until Eero was back from work around 2.30pm by that time I was tired and didn't feel well enough to go into city. So we stayed in Hervanta, went and sat by the lake and did some shopping.

26C today and very humid, we heard one rumble of thunder whilst walking around the lake and it even tried to rain (poor attempt at try, few drops) then bang sun and humidity back. Lovely weather I called home to gloat, cold and cloudy there!!!

I cleaned up the apartment a little and sorted a few things out I had meant to all week.

Mom and dad have booked the flights now so I am happy as a pig in poo! Such a busy summer.

Donna (Sherry) still hasn't had Libby May and James and Cory can hardly contain themselves (much like me!) I predict tomorrow will be the day.

Had a look at my temporary student accommodation, need to apply for it tomorrow but I am excited about September and getting a proper apartment in Jyväskylä.

Still annoyed that we were meeting Irina in city for an art gallery and picnic (don't know what made me that ill).

We went to get some stuff for my bike, all we need now is a kick stand and I'm good to go everywhere! photos pending. Whilst at äiti Suominen's I saw another orava (squirrel) running down the drive with a baby in her mouth, cute!

Ascension Day (helatorstai)

Yesterday was Ascension day, a national holiday in Finland but not in the UK where majority are Christian, odd.

Anyhow, the day was a busy one Eero didn't want a quite day off work and to be honest I was glad of the company! We put my bike together and then locked it up in the shed with 2 locks, no one is taking my bike!!! lol will post a picture before the weekend is out!

We went to Jouko's and Kati's for lunch, everyone happy I had supplied the list of things I can eat previously so I didn't have to take things with me! Even pudding was rotated toward me with meringue, cream and raspberries. Though I need a filling in my tooth redone and that was happy with the sugar hehe. Still, it's one of few luxuries I get! Also my filling is being repaired in 3 weeks so not long left to have a sensitive tooth! The weather was gorgeous and we ate cake and coffee on the balcony.

Went home, chilled out and I ate potato chips again, no rash nothing. So glad I tolerate potato again!!! My weight is a pain in the backside since my reintroductions I am getting fat but not actually eating much which is annoying. So I am upping exercise and continuing to eat the same... my metabolism should stabilize soon. Not impressed that it will mean I go to Spain as heavy as I was when I got here but still battle is lost but the war is not yet won!

Mom and dad confirmed their visit yesterday afternoon which was a nice lift to my mood. I'm excited already and planning places to go and what to do!

Yesterday was my 6 month marker, it has gone so quickly. I can't believe I only have 2 months left until I am at university again... its surreal. However, I have choosen 3 potential apartments until Eero gets there. I will ask him to see them later and book them.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!

Ok, so I went out for my first walk of the day and EVERYONE is at the lake (well more like a pool.) Anyway its called Ahvenisjärvi. First, I walked to our favourite duck feeding spot, someone was there. Then I walked around to the beach part and all the benches were filled of drunk people. Round the other side of the lake I walked, fast losing hope that I would be able to sit and chill out for a while in the sun listening to my mp3´s on my phone. Finally I found a shaded bench, no one around. No bugs around really, compared to the midges around by the duck feeding spot.

I sat down with my ear phones on, looking at the lake in a world of my own. Something touches my leg, I jump out of my skin. Wondering what just landed on me. Alas, I see a cheeky red fluffy squirrel sat on the bench right beside me. Gutted that I didn't have my camera...

Orava (squirrel) after a minute of staring at me; moving closer and back, bounced off the bench. Picked up a nut and ran up the tree. It was obviously used to being fed. The next sunny day I will go back and see if it comes back, with my camera.

25C and the sun's shinning! a good day. Oh yeah tomorrow is a national holiday so Eero is home!!! hopefully we get my bike ready for riding =)

International student guide and living

Well, today I have to read though the International Student Guide sent from Jyväskylä. I tried yesterday but was much to excited to do anything or take anything in so I cleaned the apartment and washed four loads of laundary.

Still last night when Eero got back even he was excited about us moving and new beginnings which is always good! After a little read of the literature last night I found out for the month or two I'm going in student accommodation, until we can move up there officially, I have to apply for that in the next few weeks. I have been shocking picky in my choices considering I'm not there long but at least I was reasonable with the rent (some of those places are like up to €700 a month). So as it goes I am willing to room share as I am not there long enough to be bothered by someone else but I am not excited about living in a box (those rooms aren't big and they aren't cheap). Ok, focus... it's just a month or two then you get a normal apartment again with Eero... phew!

August at least gives us sometime to go see apartments in Jyväskylä, I want to be within 3km max of the city centre so as I can walk in and back even when it snows as I doubt I will ever be brave enough to bike ride in the snow and ice... I have seen to many Finn's fall off.

Today it's really sunny so I'm sad my bike doesn't get sorted until Thursday. Still Eero is at Heikki's tonight so I can watch simpsons and surf the net!

Mom and dad still haven't confirmed if they have found a solution to the pet sitting so as they can visit. I dare say they will end up coming, hope so anyway!

I must go read this guide now. Find a list of things to do and pay!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Renewable Energy, Master's Degree Confirmation

It seems that things are starting to get better. Today I received the official Jyväskylä confirmation pack, so I have a lot to read, fill in, pay for (argh!!!) and send back. I'm excited now, this means it is REAL!

So I still have heard nothing from the Police station about my pending Right of Residence (end of Feb started) so I figure I will go add this University confirmation to it before Wok Wok on Friday.

I'm sure a few agency jobs I applied for closed Mid May too but we will see if we hear anything from them but it's not as important anymore. Though I may try to find a part time one day a week or something near Jyväskylä at some biomass plant. This will take some research to do and may end up being voluntary with the current economic climate. However, it would be useful for my dissertation in the end. Watch this space, I suppose.

The plot thickens!

Monday, 10 May 2010


Sunday 9th May is Mother's day here, so off to äiti Suominen's for dinner we went. It was a lovely dinner and a few hours chat... a sign my Finnish is improving as I understood a lot more than I did last time!

So back in time now, Friday was Wok Wok day and although we had a short lunch we still caught up on the week's gossip and planned to have an extra meet up this week. I had a nice time, then back home. I then baked a blackcurrant crumble cake before we went shopping.

Saturday we drove down to Helsinki to Hanna and Antti's to get the bike Hanna was giving us, it's blue and I love it! Thankfully it's a mountain bike similar to my other one so we should get along great!!! whoohoo!! We also went (if my bearings are right) to Itäkeskus shopping centre. Must of been there as it was massive to look for a birthday present for mom... I know exactly what she likes and thought Marimekko would of had a bright coloured top to match, alas it was not meant to be! However, I did find something suitable in a different store so the journey wasn't wasted.

After shopping we went back to Hanna's had cake and coffee. Put the bike in the car in the pouring rain and left for Tampere.

Sunday night I ordered a few crime books and 2 research textbooks that will be useful for choosing what to write about for my biomass dissertation for my master's (I decided that much at least)I also hope that whatever I settle on I may compare against landfill (seems a waste not to use what I worked with so long!) but time will tell and there's enough time for me to change my mind a hundred times. The books are coming from England as they were a lot cheaper even with shipping that buying them from here.

We are going into city later to get some fish and go to the library...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mitä nyt?!?!!?

Today is my mom's birthday, after calling and texting I do feel a little home sick today. Knowing that with me not being home no one will of put on a little party or brought her a cake but still this party is happening when I visit so I will try not to be so disheartened. Zara (my eldest neice) is also 8 tomorrow and I will miss her party but it's my great Aunt's funeral tomorrow so mom, dad and my grandparents have to go to the funeral instead of the party. I am slightly annoyed that the British postal service has slowed up my mom's birthday card and I hope she gets in today. I am still hunting her the perfect birthday present and have found a few nice things now. Can't post them here cause she may look her every blue moon!

Donna (Sherry) is still waiting for little Libby to come into the world (due in the next 11days) I am super excited even from afar and I can't wait to go back to see Donna, the boys and little Libby.

Spring is springing here and the green leaves are coming quickly onto the trees and spring flowers are shooting up everywhere! Grass is green now too. Hopefully next few weeks I will get some nice spring photos.

Well, I'm still super excited about Jyväskylä and I am beginning to wonder if the bouts of nausea I have had since Friday are related to the excitement or are just some throwback off my allergies (both are possible). Don't worry Wok Wok group I will be wok woking once or twice a month (cash depending and lectures) =)

I was shocked the other day while looking for commuting options to Jyväskylä, there are no trains or buses that get there before 9 (bus) and 9.40 (train), I was shocked surely some people have to get there! no wonder the road is always busy to get there! I may have a lecture 8.30am if last years timetable stays. So looks like we are moving =D new city, new opportunities.

I have been trying new studying techniques this week to learn more Finnish and for some reason just read and repeat is working well for once. I can remember a lot more than last week. Which is good, Eero is reading dialogues with me too which is helpful to me!

The balcony chairs are almost done now, just final top coat on the underside of the chairs and they are finished. We have new seat covers finally too. I will have finished it all by the weekend. Suprising what a coat of paint does!. The lilies on the balcony are starting to grow now with the sun light we are getting =)

Hoping mom and dad find someone to feed the cats for a week while they visit me or they won't be able to visit. I love them all and I am glad we had them but animals are a pain when you need to travel. Tortoises will be fine in the garden but the cats can't feed themselves. Still no doubt this will resolve one way or another! Hope so I really want to show mom and dad around they have never been here before and summer is so pretty.

I made some blackcurrant cake yesterday was quite nice, maybe I still need to experiment with the recipe, I'm sure it can be made better but it is nice. Not to unhealthy either.

I got up quite early this morning and hoovered the apartment and put a few things away. Struggling to focus on learning Finnish today... stressed about mom and dad and excited about Jyväskylä.

I didn't get to go to the Firefly party at Irina's last night as I felt sick (again) but I am glad I get to catch up with the girls at wok wok Friday!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Hyvää Vappua!

Celebrations start here 31st April and go on the whole weekend. Vappu is big with the students =) so they have to party all weekend! It looks a bit off to outsiders I suppose they wear funny coloured overalls with badges on (the colour is chosen by the subject they study and loads of people wear the graduation caps)

Friday we had a little family get together, a little late planned somehow but at least we had some things in the kitchen to throw together chocolate brownies, chips, doughnuts and other junk food items! Eero also made Sima too (traditional lemon, sugar, water, yeast and raisins). Mine was made without raisins as I'm allergic to them... was nice not like anything I have had before but refreshing and sweet.

I really enjoyed that night, gossiping, watching moomin's even feed the ducks before everyone came around.

Saturday was the 1st May so off we went into city for my first Vappu day here! It was cold and showery, rain held off most of the time, thankfully. The city was full of markets, concerts and people selling things. Of course the annoying beggars were around in a larger number than usual. Eero and myself had a gossip walking around, looked on the stalls in the market, then went to watch the students get dunked in the water. After I had behaved all the way around Eero got me a moomin balloon. The balloon lady looked somewhat confused and bemused that a grown up wanted a balloon. She tied the balloon to my wrist (odd as I am grown up and can tie my own balloon to my wrist)and off I skipped happy I had a balloon.

We then caught some random bus and walked part of the way home. The bus ride was annoying with an Australian girl who was irritating and 3 others who encouraged her to be annoying. You know the kind, they like to hear only themselves (their views are always correct). Finally that group got off but we only had a few stops left! Anyway the girl and the boy were very annoying, I hate people on soap boxes on buses (urgh!). As you know I am not often too bitchy but it was amusing that the know it all Aussie couldn't even pronounce "kiitos" properly and it was her second year here (according to her crazy ramblings). Anyway we walked through the woods then alongside the main road back to Hervanta, it was lovely and sunny! I also found a few more places I would like to explore soon (though I have been there before, it doesn't look the same with snow)

Sunday we just chilled out played board games, watched movies went for a walk. I was happy all weekend, knowing I got into Jyväskylä made a good weekend though it causes some problems... moving is not that easy! lol but I am sure it will all get sorted.