Wednesday, 12 May 2010

International student guide and living

Well, today I have to read though the International Student Guide sent from Jyväskylä. I tried yesterday but was much to excited to do anything or take anything in so I cleaned the apartment and washed four loads of laundary.

Still last night when Eero got back even he was excited about us moving and new beginnings which is always good! After a little read of the literature last night I found out for the month or two I'm going in student accommodation, until we can move up there officially, I have to apply for that in the next few weeks. I have been shocking picky in my choices considering I'm not there long but at least I was reasonable with the rent (some of those places are like up to €700 a month). So as it goes I am willing to room share as I am not there long enough to be bothered by someone else but I am not excited about living in a box (those rooms aren't big and they aren't cheap). Ok, focus... it's just a month or two then you get a normal apartment again with Eero... phew!

August at least gives us sometime to go see apartments in Jyväskylä, I want to be within 3km max of the city centre so as I can walk in and back even when it snows as I doubt I will ever be brave enough to bike ride in the snow and ice... I have seen to many Finn's fall off.

Today it's really sunny so I'm sad my bike doesn't get sorted until Thursday. Still Eero is at Heikki's tonight so I can watch simpsons and surf the net!

Mom and dad still haven't confirmed if they have found a solution to the pet sitting so as they can visit. I dare say they will end up coming, hope so anyway!

I must go read this guide now. Find a list of things to do and pay!

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