Tuesday, 18 May 2010

18. tiistai, toukokuu

Today has been an annoying day. To start off I overslept and woke up at 9am. I sorted the washing out and decided to bring all my clothes out the wardrobe (where they still are now) by the time I had them all out I wasn't interested in them any more. So I tidied up the little messes I made around the flat while looking for paperwork etc.

Then I went for a little walk as I'm still feeling a little rough, on my walk I decided to go and buy Eero an anniversary present as we have been together 2 years now and give it him early. I had found a board game for him but last time in the shop he mentioned another he wanted so I got him that and a bar of his favourite UK chocolate he has tried yet(double deckers). Mom has brought him a family pack of them when we go home.

The walk made me feel a little better, Eero texted me loads today checking I was ok (hes super cute most the time). Then i decided to go and sort my Right of Residence out at the poliisiasema. After a busy ride standing up on hot full bus (30) I got off the bus outside the police station and went in. It was busy, then the sign said the foreigners section closed at 3pm, so with haste I pressed the ticket button it was 2.05pm and there were 6 people ahead of me. I was seen just after 3pm but this is where it gets annoying... the twice before we had been they said both times that the certificate was in the post and I would receive it within two weeks. I explained this to the woman and then I handed her my university acceptance letter. Then she said there's a hold on your certificate for up to 6 months until you got a job or was excepted in to a university. I was confused and annoyed why didn't they tell me that before instead of keep telling me it was in the post when it obviously wasn't!!!

But the lady assured me that it would be posted now I had the university acceptance letter and I should receive it the end of the week, next week latest. Forgive me for getting excited about this until that certificate is in our mail box.

I will keep you posted...

Oh yes, the next annoying thing then happened I went back to Stockmann delicatessen to buy the shortbread that suit my allergies we have brought here for 2 years. They appear to have been discontinued. Now they stock ones with vanilla flavour which I don't like however, we are testing them with my allergies now (urgh)

Cloudy all day until around 4pm then the sun came out, it's been 21C all day but last few hours have been warmer.

We went to äiti Suominen's to dismantle the other bikes and Kirsti said she would stop by after aerobics and she our newly finished balcony. She liked it too. I am contemplating starting aerobics to, all in Finnish but only €2 an hour and its up to 3 times a week.

Tomorrow we will walk around Suolijärvi in the evening. Now time to watch Finland vs Russia in Ice hockey!!

Still no sign of Libby May, Donna Sherry's tummy is very comfy for Libby. Still she has to come out soon!

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