Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mitä nyt?!?!!?

Today is my mom's birthday, after calling and texting I do feel a little home sick today. Knowing that with me not being home no one will of put on a little party or brought her a cake but still this party is happening when I visit so I will try not to be so disheartened. Zara (my eldest neice) is also 8 tomorrow and I will miss her party but it's my great Aunt's funeral tomorrow so mom, dad and my grandparents have to go to the funeral instead of the party. I am slightly annoyed that the British postal service has slowed up my mom's birthday card and I hope she gets in today. I am still hunting her the perfect birthday present and have found a few nice things now. Can't post them here cause she may look her every blue moon!

Donna (Sherry) is still waiting for little Libby to come into the world (due in the next 11days) I am super excited even from afar and I can't wait to go back to see Donna, the boys and little Libby.

Spring is springing here and the green leaves are coming quickly onto the trees and spring flowers are shooting up everywhere! Grass is green now too. Hopefully next few weeks I will get some nice spring photos.

Well, I'm still super excited about Jyväskylä and I am beginning to wonder if the bouts of nausea I have had since Friday are related to the excitement or are just some throwback off my allergies (both are possible). Don't worry Wok Wok group I will be wok woking once or twice a month (cash depending and lectures) =)

I was shocked the other day while looking for commuting options to Jyväskylä, there are no trains or buses that get there before 9 (bus) and 9.40 (train), I was shocked surely some people have to get there! no wonder the road is always busy to get there! I may have a lecture 8.30am if last years timetable stays. So looks like we are moving =D new city, new opportunities.

I have been trying new studying techniques this week to learn more Finnish and for some reason just read and repeat is working well for once. I can remember a lot more than last week. Which is good, Eero is reading dialogues with me too which is helpful to me!

The balcony chairs are almost done now, just final top coat on the underside of the chairs and they are finished. We have new seat covers finally too. I will have finished it all by the weekend. Suprising what a coat of paint does!. The lilies on the balcony are starting to grow now with the sun light we are getting =)

Hoping mom and dad find someone to feed the cats for a week while they visit me or they won't be able to visit. I love them all and I am glad we had them but animals are a pain when you need to travel. Tortoises will be fine in the garden but the cats can't feed themselves. Still no doubt this will resolve one way or another! Hope so I really want to show mom and dad around they have never been here before and summer is so pretty.

I made some blackcurrant cake yesterday was quite nice, maybe I still need to experiment with the recipe, I'm sure it can be made better but it is nice. Not to unhealthy either.

I got up quite early this morning and hoovered the apartment and put a few things away. Struggling to focus on learning Finnish today... stressed about mom and dad and excited about Jyväskylä.

I didn't get to go to the Firefly party at Irina's last night as I felt sick (again) but I am glad I get to catch up with the girls at wok wok Friday!

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