Saturday, 29 May 2010

Friday 28th May 2010

Friday was our anniversary, two years has passed so quickly and very happily. I have been here six and half months now and life is great.

We went into city and ate dinner in New York restaurant (opposite hesburger and under mac donalds). I wasn't hungry but we will go back there soon as there's a steak with my name on it! Eero ate his burger, we talked and then walked around city. We had a movie booked in at 8pm. We saw Robin Hood, I really enjoyed it. Good film, good seats, cuddled up in the dark! Weird when we came out the cinema and it was light. I was hungry then so we went to macdonalds and E brought me some fries.

We walked to the bus station and caught the bus back home, ate and watched some more 24.

I <3 E


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