Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Renewable Energy, Master's Degree Confirmation

It seems that things are starting to get better. Today I received the official Jyväskylä confirmation pack, so I have a lot to read, fill in, pay for (argh!!!) and send back. I'm excited now, this means it is REAL!

So I still have heard nothing from the Police station about my pending Right of Residence (end of Feb started) so I figure I will go add this University confirmation to it before Wok Wok on Friday.

I'm sure a few agency jobs I applied for closed Mid May too but we will see if we hear anything from them but it's not as important anymore. Though I may try to find a part time one day a week or something near Jyväskylä at some biomass plant. This will take some research to do and may end up being voluntary with the current economic climate. However, it would be useful for my dissertation in the end. Watch this space, I suppose.

The plot thickens!

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