Friday, 7 December 2012

Time has gone so quickly at Aalto!

I was completely shocked when I realised that I hadn't posted on here for such a long time! So this will be a very long post trying to get caught up with the happenings of the last 3 months!

So I got my right to study at the end of September so my Ph.D. officially started then. So did the choas that is my life! I was travelling to Helsinki 5 days a week then, getting home late and so tired I didn't want to come and post after all that. Weekends were so busy renovating the house which has come along lovely. some courses started then and others in October

I also went back to the UK for a week for the Energy Event conference. I took my dad with me on the second day and he really enjoyed that day even though he was so tired on his chemo but he is one of the lucky ones, now making a full recovery. Week was pretty mad, mostly conference, then a small gathering of family and friends. Some shopping, packing up a box or two to be shipped back to Finland. I travelled there alone this time, it was very interesting, been so long since i had been home alone! 

We got engaged as well the night I got home from travelling!

Another crazy month, all my phd research was finalised and started, courses, still crazy days travelling. Weekends were once more renovating, working or visiting family. My birthday was at the end of the month.

They found a tumour on mom's lung, and they had to operate in the same month, some what stressful time for me being so far away. But, the operation was successful and the tumour non-cancerous so a lucky break!

Most things for the wedding ordered and delivered, easy process, I don't see why people get so stressed!

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. All I seemed to do was work, work and work in November and it never seemed to be enough, everytime I completed one thing two others replaced the thing I had completed.

Flights booked to UK for christmas, wedding website almost completed, honeymoon's planned, wedding dress picked.

Bonus scheme was released at work too! so that was good.

Early December
Well, other deadlines are around! I got to pick my conferences so I picked China, Canada for 2013 and hopefully Phuket in 2014.

I bought a new ski coat, and a new designer coat that comes mid december. Ordered some Christmas presents but not sorted everyones gifts!

I had a health screen too trying to solve why my weight has gone up, nothing obvious has turned up.. I ran 44km last week, no weight loss. Alas, I shall continue running and see what will happen! can't get any worse!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

First week at work

The first week at work has been great! the people I share an office with are great and I couldn't of asked for more. After a few days I suggusted we move the furniture around so we could see each other. I will add the before and after photos soon! I also emailed my favourite restuarant on campus to get some food made especially for my allergies. OMG the food they make is soooo good! things I haven't thought of combining in that way!! yummy!

First are the before pictures

Then the after pictures

 Free desk

View from my desk
 chill out area and our storage
 my desk
view of the room

allergy food!!

Monday, 20 August 2012

PhD begins this week!

Friday, 24th August begins a new era. I called the Prof. almost two weeks ago (yes I have been too busy to come here and write about this), to explain why my master's certificate was late and to see if there was any chance of being able to extend my PhD application instead of having it rejected for being late.

In all honesty, I did think it would be rejected. I mean I had one extension when my supervisor was too busy to mark my work so I could finish for my original June deadline. So, I called the Prof. and he said that they had been discussing me a lot in their meetings, somehow this made me think "OH well, this isn't going well", then before I could complete the sentence in my mind, he said "congratulations, welcome to the team"... that was it, I was shaking and I lost for words... shocking for anyone that knows me as losing words is not something that happens to me!

He repeated a few times, and I said my thanks for the opportunity. Then was the next shocking turn of events, when could I start? I thought it would be October as time is getting so late and my master's certificate still isn't here, but alas I start on the 24th August, with or without the certificate. It will be there soon, at least!

Then, the chaos begins, booking a hair cut and colour as I currently resemble a sheep dog crossed with a poodle. My mom says your hair can't get curlier as you get older, I have to disagree based on the evidence my hair is getting curlier!! straightners all the time is coming soon! Along with the continuing shock of Finnish hairdressing prices, 130€ to get my hair cut by a stylist and coloured.... oh my days... Eero jokes that along with my 100€ dentist cost last week he will soon have to replace me with a cheaper model... in his dreams! Wednesday afternoon, is my hair luxury time.

Then tomorrow I am going to meet my new friend Marika, in the city who wants to speak mostly Finnish so this is a dream! finally someone who wants to help me get the hang of this language all the time! Whoohoo though I know it will be slow to begin with as I am used to speaking English with random Finnish inserts at home =)

I was shocked at the rate of pay for the PhD, I am earning almost twice as much as I did working full time in the UK and I am only a research scientist! I have designed my normal business cards for this new position for conferences, but not ordering them until I get my works email sorted out! =)

So what am I a research scientist and PhD candidate in, you ask? Well, I am hoping to finish in 3 years and I will be researching in the field of industrial energy efficiency =)

Yesterday, we painted half of the living room ceiling and this morning it looks awesome, I am having problems finding any bits we missed so that is really good!

So, that's one of the things now Facebook official, for the others I am afraid you just have to wait and see!

No doubt I will be posting about my first day on the train home from Espoo on Friday =)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Time sure flies when life is choatic!

We are here in August and I don't know where the summer has gone, well I do. Most of it was spent stressed and writing my thesis, trying to get feedback and left waiting for almost 7 weeks, trying to second guess what he wanted and try to make my own corrections but finally on the brinck on insanity and a few angry emails, I got some feedback, not as complete as I think it should of been but time will tell if it was enough as my supervisor wouldn't even predict a grade. The most annoying thing was after my Phd interview, successful completion of my application and the set up of a thesis completion deadline. The first deadline was extended as I was still awaiting feedback from my supervisor, then I had to submit within a week of having those corrections. Terrible way to conduct a thesis, poor communication. I am just glad it's over now. Though there is a high chance my phd application will get rejected as my certificate now won't reach there in time. Not a happy summer. time will tell what will happen. On the plus side, I know my Prof. is backing my application.

The house renovation however, is going well, we have ceiling paint, wall paint, wallpaper (some of it) other is ordered but awaiting stock and dispatch. Now, I am free from school work I can spend all day stripping the wallpaper off the walls upstairs!!!

The raccoon dog and the hedgehog are still regular visitors to the garden, both gardens are now finished (almost) back on we get the new barbeque tonight, need to remove the old deking and dispose of it properly, trim the trees and put up the post for my bird feeders! =)

Still have not received the mosquito nets, that is annoying and now I have to wait another week and a bit to complain again!!!

I have found a Finnish course, water aerobics, russian course and a zumba course I need to sign up for next week!

A lot of secret stuff going down but I am not allowed to post any of it yet!! keep posted though! i don't think it's far away from becoming public!! <3 br="br">

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Moving South

So, it's finally time we move! yay! tonight E comes home with the moving van and we spend our last night here in Jyväskylä.

This month has gone so quickly, finishing off my thesis, even the little things seemed to take forever! Then planning what work to do to the house, where to buy things from, how much things cost and the order in which the work should go!

So, I must continue getting things ready to leave this city, which will always have a place in my heart =)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

UK and master's completion (almost)

Well, the holiday in the UK was a wash out, my supervisor changed my deadline to the end of May so the one week I had planned to have off, with dad on his chemotherapy and the first week's holiday since Christmas, failed epically. As I was forced to sit and write my thesis all the time, the only day I took off was the Saturday for Laura's and Jason's Wedding.

 Black swans at Dumbleton Hall
 Geese who wanted to be fed and to chase you at the same time.
Dumbleton Hall

Wedding was lovely. Red hot day and an awesome day!! 

Then all I did was go to Tesco to get some new jeans and to Merry Hill once... Some secret squirrel things were discussed and purchased, but nothing I am allowed to discuss or nothing you would guess anyway, even if you knew... but looking for house decorating stuff was super fun, just wish I had more time to do stuff with mom and dad. 

Dad on the plus side has had the all clear and no longer needs chemo, just his isolation treatment and it is all done =)

I am now waiting for my thesis corrections so as I can get this thing marked and move on with my life, deadlines are pretty close and I am pretty stressed... impatiently waiting o.0 Jusy want it finished and in, while I am focused on it... and I so badly just want a break, 6 months now of constant long days and nights, and it will start again in September/August... All I wanted was a few weeks off, doesn't look promising now anyway... 2 weeks more to finish the thesis and get it marked and certificate received... then we move house so more chaos begins...

Monday, 21 May 2012


Where do I begin? 3 weeks ago, I saw a house I loved it, I emailed it to Eero after checking it's location, he liked it and we went to see it, week after we went for the second viewing... 2 days later we made an offer that was accepted. The second viewing was the most fun as we took Eero's parents. It felt more real and that we were more grown up lol

There is our new house, we move in June... ECK!!!! We have lake views! =)

Today is the day my Ph.D. application went to the board, as I sit here typing this I know my fate has already been sealed but yet obviously I sit here waiting. I think somehow, there is a high chance of the rejecting my first application as a motivation checker, and they did say there was a chance they would reject the first time as I didn't have a completed master's degree until the end of this month. We shall see, I think I may get the results while we are in the UK. I think, I would rather be surprised than disappointed so if I think it will be rejected it's realistic it's highly competitive, not at my home university. I would however, love to be surprised! This year is bringing some excellent news as yet would be a shame to break it!

We are going to the UK Wednesday, for a week for Laura and Jason's wedding!

I have done all my exams, finished all my courses, wrote 18 page essay in two days. Now, I just have to complete my thesis as soon as possible and life is good. Master's is almost complete. I have to write results, discussion and evaluation. But I have a page restriction for the bulk of the thesis for 50 pages and if I remember correctly I am on page 37 now. So not far to go and the last push. Need to write a page or two or sort the results or SOMETHING today. Just finishing getting my things together to go for the train tomorrow night. When I submit my thesis I will have completed 86ECT this semester, they recommend 30 a semester.

All my gifts are packed and I know my parents and grandparents don't require such grand gestures, but for us, I think it was a nicest thing to do. They are all so proud of what we have done this year, what we have planned that I am not free to discuss here freely yet. But this year and the next will be two to remember! =)

I also went to see Ratih, a few weeks ago, who has now had their new baby =) it was such a hot day then, we ate cake and talked for 4 hours =) happy times! I can't wait to come back from UK and go take them all a cake or something nice

As,  I go on I am remember things, so now this isn't in chronological order. Note to self, write blog more frequently

I went to the nutritionist doctor, who told me my diet was balance and I only needed to take folic  acid vitamins, eat less fat, avoid fructose, drink less milk, and my exercise or planned exercise as I am not doing much this month, the side effect of doing so much this semester is time is a luxury I don't have much of. Can't wait to start running by the lake at the new house though!

Also we had the end of course party, Annika, Teemu, Eero and myself at our apartment, grill and cooking and eating profiteroles... good times. Awesome night full of laughs and jokes, of course hockey too!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I have 4 weeks left of university now, if all goes well! which there is no reason it shouldn't really.

Today, I finally submitted my PhD application, 40 pages long. Now, I have to wait until the end of June to see if I am one of the lucky few who get in on the first application. time while tell!

I have to go to Siwa, Ristonmaa to pick up a parcel at some point this week. This week is my last week of classes. I have my last finnish class today, last presentation on Ambiotica on Thursday and my last Finnish exams on Friday. Then it's pure thesis writing, all the way home baby!

I am really happy we are going to a sports activity centre after I am done for the weekend, and we get to go horse riding!! yes!! and some other stuff!! =) hoping secretly, I know my future fate by then.

I will also take a photo of my complete Finnish books collection, it's big now. Progress is slow but progress is progress!

Four weeks, we go to the UK for Laura and Jason's wedding, so exciting!! Then we can come back and arrange moving back south as our time here in Jyväskylä, is almost done! =)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring forward

OMG, where should I start? The end of March has been so hetic!!!

So early March, I went to a post grad course at Aalto University for 3 days. The course was actually awesome, the theme was "Energy, Environment and the Community". Something's didn't go as planned with the hotel, broken toilet in one room, broken toilet door in the room I was moved too but after complaining I had a voucher for a free night. Little did, I know then that I would be asked to go back to Espoo in April.

The end of March work ended, this is good as now I am writing my thesis full time and I have time studying again so I can graduate in June. 186ECT completed in two years, something to be proud of!

Then the last week in March, I had a really bad cold, walking to work was horrible trying to think was  not at all possible. I was so ill that I had to cancel registration for an exam! Also the last 3 weeks of March has the lab work task, 3 hours in the lab everyday and then 2 hours calculations every day. Very interesting but hard work.

The 22nd March, there was an international gathering at the job centre, for foreigners who plan to work in Finland. So off Aigi and me went for some information on working on Finland and the best ways to get a job. I had heard that Kela do some great courses for Finnish learning. When I asked it turns out the level is only intermediate Finnish which is where I am now. Though should I be unemployed, I will take the course, practice is always a good thing!

On the same week, I had an email from a Prof saying to call to discuss some issues. Then I was asked to go to an interview 2 weeks later. I had not expected to search for a PhD placement when I went to Espoo, it was just the second time, to check the lay of the land. Alas, an offer I couldn't refuse.

So, I returned the call, and was invited to an interview 3rd of April, scared and excited stuck me after the call. The Prof asked me to prepare my application already, so on top of a heavy workload, I set about the hardest and most complicated application I have ever been through yet. So, as soon as I got back to the office after the call, I made some emails asking a few people to write a recommendation.

Two weeks later, I left for Helsinki, 8 hours on a train in 24 hours, one night in Helsinki. New chances are always exciting. The interview itself lasted one and a half hours with two Professors. It went very quickly and well. They told me I could now submit the official application and all being well there were 2 or 3 projects, I could be involed in. Now the applciation is almost complete, I am just waiting for the project list so as I can finish off my proposal. I don't have long left to finish my application, I also had the warning it is common to be rejected the first time especially as I haven't completed my master's degree before completion. Time will tell and with luck, first time lucky!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring is springing

 Well, I hate to say that time is going so fast I haven't even posted for a month. It has been so busy!!

The allergist didn't have much to say, no one knows why I am so sensitive now I have to take millions of antihistamine a day, to try to be "normal". They are also testing me for a severe wasp allergy as something stung me in summer, and it was a bad reaction. In hind sight I should of gone to hospital and not self medicated on anti histamines. Oh well, I live!

Also we went to the Finland Air Force Museum, for a presentation I had to give in Finnish about a museum. I had been to the museums in the city so we went a short drive away. Pretty fun museum, dad wants to visit there next time he comes. 

Fighter Plight Eero =P

Uni has been so busy between working full time and studying full time, may it is the reason why time has gone so much quicker than normal. My degree is almost all finished off, it was nice to see it there all in black and white, the end is near!!! 

I have been pretty bust networking, the hardest jump I will have to make for life here in Finland is the what next jump. Work is hard as the work language is Finnish and I still have a way to go before I can claim fluency. The Finns are always at fluency before they say they can speak a language properly until then they speak a little, hence a rarely claim to speak anymore than that with Finnish. Swedish is coming along too, I really don't have the time to spend on that now until summer but I keep practicing what I remember so I don't forget it =) 

Work is complete the end of March, so then I have most days to plough into writing my thesis. The title is now cofirmed as "Techno-economic comparison of biogas upgrading in Europe". The general information for my thesis is "The thesis will compare the technical, economic and energy requirements for three different scales of biogas upgrading for vehicle and/or grid injection use. The biogas upgrading capacities selected for the study are < 50 m3/h (small scale), 100-200 m3/h (medium scale) and > 250 m3/h (large scale). The work will include literature review of the upgrading technologies currently being used in Europe, system characteristics such as feedstocks, pre-treatment requirement etc., the energy requirements and cost of biogas upgrading. Data on the investment costs and energy requirements will be collected from the literature and by contacting various upgrading units. The three scales of upgrading for a single biogas upgrading technology will be compared based on parameters such as Investment cost (€/yr), Maintenance cost (€/yr), Energy requirement (kWh/m3 of upgraded biogas), upgrading cost(€/Nm3 biogas upgraded), methane slip, methane yield and purity, waste-streams, post-treatment etc." It will be published as part of a project so there is a lot of pressure to be correct and write a useful report. 

Also, I attended my first conference in Finnish language on bioenergy in February, was very interesting, I understood most of it so I was happy! I even got some information in Finnish and some PDF books from a link so I can read more.

The beginning of March, I had a post grad course in Aalto for 3 days. I really loved this course it was Energy, Environment and the community. However, here is where you can tell it is a PhD course, for 3 credits I need to write a 20page technical in depth report on something from the 3 day seminar. Attending the seminar counts for nothing! lol 

The seminar itself was good, Jarkko and Roshan were also there, sometimes it is nice to have friends around! Networking went well, and I have found 2 potential Professors for my PhD, along with a project from VTT that should have space for me. Anyway, I have emailed about those so we shall see! 

I love this VR selecting your own seats! I always try to get these two seats alone on the intercity trains. hehe On the way back from Helsinki, I was on the pendolino, took the seat alone at the back with 2 other seats by the side. Ah, oh my days, two drunk men who just wanted to talk, so first being tired, I pretended I didn't speak much Finnish. Then they said something funny and I couldn't help but laugh, cover blown. I then spoke Finnish with them for 2 hours... I never wanted to get to Tampere so quickly for the train change EVER! Then in Tampere to Jyväskylä, I was back in my little bubble... =) Northern lights were meant to be strong that night, I missed the bus so carried myself and my luggage home... no lights, they always evade me. 

2 seat rooms on the train, heaven

As for the other secrets, I still cannot say anything yet! But summer will be interesting to say the least!!! =P

Snow is starting to melt, the ice is EVIL! our street is bad, worst I have walked on yet. My allergy weird weight gain is still happening, more slowly and now I think I have removed everything it can be, no sugar no, low fat... let's see! it's pretty depressing!

Now it's off to the gym and then to finish off my work =)

Oh yeah! Eero and me both have Kindles now! We read too much anyway but now we read even more!

Monday, 30 January 2012

End of January

Life in a freezer, finally winter has hit us, -22C today and dropping. Thursday, I have an interview at Jyväskylän energia for my thesis work, it is predicted to be -30C then, an hours walk either way. omg whatever will I look like when I get there!!

Hopefully the decision for my thesis title is made by the end of the week! The future looks very hopeful after last weeks, thesis meeting. I have decided to try and get a PhD after this, if not nothing lost! But I would like to pursue a life in teaching and/or research. Time will tell and a little luck wouldn't go a miss.

Weekend we have had some very interesting talks from which I am not allowed to go public yet but anyway WATCH THIS SPACE, as they say!

My nan is out of hospital again today, so third time lucky.

 Picture from JYU, the way to school =)

Well, there is not much more for me too say! I have the allergist tomorrow and I have been going to the gym. I ache in places my brain forgot existed and Eero has a pass to go with me on the weekends, who needs to hire a trainer when your sexy boyfriend does it for free? 

It was a pretty fun experience going to the gym together. I miss running with him it's the only reason I don't like winter. Alas, when the ice is gone we can run again! 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

January 2012, how did it go so quickly!!!!???!!!

Time is going very quickly, I am not sure where January has gone. However, my diary does tell me it has almost gone!!

So, where are we now? Work everyday passes the time, I am enjoying work but now uni work is starting to pile up and school hasn't been back 2 weeks! Alas, I knew this last semester would be a "killer" so here goes nothing!

I spent early January looking for master's thesis projects, I can't remember if I posted I did the same in September with no luck. This time, luck has changed. I have had 5 offers already... only 3 of interest to me. Next week, I have two interviews for master's thesis or summer work projects to get some work published to support my PhD application.

I'm unsure what to do next whether to work or PhD, we shall see what life throws my way and with me being me, I have planned for everything anyway. The two choices for PhD universities for me are Aalto University or the University of Helsinki with a biotechnology and waste management theme. Can't research too much yet until I set my master's thesis theme, which I am hoping to do in the next two or three weeks.

I even considered taking a teaching degree at Hämeenlinna, but I didn't have the work experience needed for the course I wanted and annoyingly there was a €250 application price as I don't yet have a Finnish master's degree. This was the deal breaker for me, my bachelors degree was checked for my master's and I am not paying for that privilege. Life takes us in some strange directions sometimes, but it is never just about the destination, it's also about the journey!

I am pretty excited about next weeks interviews. I also have a maybe from a top ranking agency, who I am not willing to name yet, I am somewhat doubtful that that will come off but the worst they can say is no and I still have a two week wait for there answer.

Finnish evening courses restart on Monday. The ones that are two nights a week! I also take Suomi 4 (B2 European framework), a text comprehension course, a Finnish writing course and I took the advanced grammar course last semester.

I also have an allergist appointment the end of this month! which I will be glad of rashes are driving me mad again, also unexplained weight gain. URGHHHH! nothing like putting on weight and eating healthily and exercising!

Gym classes start next week, trying to three classes a week and one to 2 gym trips on my own. We will see how long this lasts as it is pretty awkward to carry allergy food around too. Though this is life for me so I must adapt.

I am already pretty excited about us moving south again! Even though it will be summer when we move and location unknown, well debated hotly! time will tell! I may have to go to Helsinki every day so I don't want to be far away and Eero has to go to Tampere so we shall see!

Somewhere over the rainbow!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Christmas in Helsinki and Espoo

Just before Christmas I got to have my cast removed, it was a bit of a shock 5 weeks later it was still badly bruised and worst I couldn't move my hand... along came anxiety attack. Then 5 minutes later I was outside calling everyone laughing at myself. My hand was painful, I couldn't move it and it was numb. I had urgent physiotherapy appointment the next day. My hand had been support bandaged up until then, I couldn't bear to see it. When I plucked up the courage in the office later that afternoon, I was once more saddened that the cast had cut badly into my hand. The next day I had physio, still worried I couldn't move my hand... I had 8kg on the strength test, that hurt so much the world went fuzzy around the outside and I felt sick, 26kg on the "good" arm. He gave me a post cast support to wear and some exercises.

It was a little strange somehow to be back in Finland, time in the UK went so quickly. We went to Hanna and Antti's for Christmas eve days lunch. The to Vesa and Miia for sleeping and the next morning before traveling back to Tampere, for lunch then back on to Jyväskylä. We drove around so much over Christmas and I felt very guilty that hand in cast, or support brace that I couldn't help out with the driving. We got to see the new baby but I didn't hold her for fear my bad hand would hurt and a drop her or something.

2 weeks later, back in the physio's office, the strength had almost returned in my hand but certain movements remained painful and I still couldn't carry weight but the healing time is 3 months, so now I have to wait. I am banned from outdoor sports, then I was so mad, I planned to take the skiing course from school but now I can not...

It has been strange being at work at the time which is at the university, seeing no one I know and knowing they have mostly all returned to their respective countries...

The other thing that was mind blowingly weird was no snow! We had no snow until almost New Year's Eve and even then that was a covering of snow. It has been so warm 0C or plus temperatures any snow that fell, melted soon after. Below this lake was almost in Jyväskylä so we are quite far north for snow at this time of year...  

New Year's Eve, we decided to spend Eero's birthday alone. We could do what we wanted, when we wanted. So we brought us fireworks, favourite foods, romantic walks talking about, love, life, the future... was strangely a lot of fun. We watched our own fireworks then walked into city watched the city's fireworks, went home, watched a film and went to bed, the rest is history.

Pre Christmas Break in UK

Well, it has been chaos... not all good, not all bad. I suppose I could say that it would be a happy medium as it could be much worse. So we went to the UK on dad's week free break from his chemotherapy, he was a lot brighter than I expected and when my friend's saw him, no one suspected he was on chemo. I don't worry so much about his treatment, more to the tiredness the chemo brings.

The first weekend, we went to Somerset, as soon as we woke up from last night arriving in UK and traveling home, more traveling to see my grandparents. they couldn't come to us in Dudley as my nan was waiting for her second hip replacement, which from the get go was a lot worse than the first hip replacement. Enjoyable weekend, nice catch up. Brought my nan a bunch of flowers that were still alive and well 4 weeks later. I took my cross stitching back to the UK to show my nan and mom the design I was stitching for them both, before I broke my hand. 

 Mom, dad, Eero (roast lunch)
 Grandad, nan, me, mom and dad

Monday, we went back to Dudley. Then the Christmas chaos started, off shopping we went. I brought myself some fur-lined winter boots, I actually take that back, I saw them, mom brought me them for Christmas. We went to TK Max and brought nan a designer handbag, she was moaning the old one broke and gave a list of things the new bag must have. After 30minutes of searching, we found one that matched the requirements but for a funny joke (my nan checks everything, I mean EVERYTHING for a price) I left on the £69 RRP.

I left dad my mp3 player and put his Johnny Cash music on for when he goes to have his stem cell treatment and has to stay in isolation for 6 weeks. He also had a jumper we brought from Finland, some toffees and a few other odds and ends. We got mom an amazon kindle and some books and accessories. My brothers, we brought a fleece jumper, warm and smart enough to wear to the office. Eero, had 4 wii games. I had a new mp3 player, boots. Also I had ordered my new lumia 800 (nokia) Cyan... ah I love it sooooo much.

Most of the week was Christmas Shopping, then wrapping it all up. Catching up with mom and dad. Going out for meals with Eero... mom loves to do that and dad even managed to eat too. Not forgetting renewing Eero's and my own wardrobe to be shipped back in a box, I ended up with 4 new pairs of knee high boots <3 happy days.

I also got to meet my old lecturer Peter Jarvis (Dr), my favourite inspirational lecturer, who helped me make up my mind that teaching or training adults could be fun and educational. I loved our catch up over coffee and cake. I actually, I am really excited to go back next time to meet him, as with luck (good hopefully) there will have been so many new and exciting changes to talk about! =)

Time in the UK was so short, it felt like hours rather than days. I got to see the cats and pet them loads so it was happy. Until Tom, clawed and pulled 2 pairs of jeans... I didn't take as many photos or good ones considering my hand was in a cast, the job wasn't so bad

 Maisy (so pretty)
 Tom (so loving but demanding)
Ebby (cute and evil)
We got to go on so many meals out (but me the allergic ate before we went) but it was so much fun. Then we got a few family meals. The traditional family party at mom and dad's where Eero got to meet my aunt, uncle and my cousin's. Also we got to see Aunty Roz and Uncle Jim too  (well Jim as Roz was ill). Finally, a night meeting my friend's for a catch up

 Zara and Eero
 Eero's favourite bar, The Crooked House
Pete, Laura, me and my cast
Ishy, Lisa, and Ian
Laura, Me and Eero "the married couple" lol 

Laura B and her other half to be, came around mom's house later that night and we had a continuation party! =) Laura B also dropped us the wedding invite around the next night. The journey home was a cruel one, less that 2 hours sleep, midway through the night long drive, long flight well 3 hours is long when you are so tired and can't sleep, E slept... Then the 2 hour car drive back, by which time I was asleep, just couldn't fit it any longer.