Saturday, 21 January 2012

January 2012, how did it go so quickly!!!!???!!!

Time is going very quickly, I am not sure where January has gone. However, my diary does tell me it has almost gone!!

So, where are we now? Work everyday passes the time, I am enjoying work but now uni work is starting to pile up and school hasn't been back 2 weeks! Alas, I knew this last semester would be a "killer" so here goes nothing!

I spent early January looking for master's thesis projects, I can't remember if I posted I did the same in September with no luck. This time, luck has changed. I have had 5 offers already... only 3 of interest to me. Next week, I have two interviews for master's thesis or summer work projects to get some work published to support my PhD application.

I'm unsure what to do next whether to work or PhD, we shall see what life throws my way and with me being me, I have planned for everything anyway. The two choices for PhD universities for me are Aalto University or the University of Helsinki with a biotechnology and waste management theme. Can't research too much yet until I set my master's thesis theme, which I am hoping to do in the next two or three weeks.

I even considered taking a teaching degree at Hämeenlinna, but I didn't have the work experience needed for the course I wanted and annoyingly there was a €250 application price as I don't yet have a Finnish master's degree. This was the deal breaker for me, my bachelors degree was checked for my master's and I am not paying for that privilege. Life takes us in some strange directions sometimes, but it is never just about the destination, it's also about the journey!

I am pretty excited about next weeks interviews. I also have a maybe from a top ranking agency, who I am not willing to name yet, I am somewhat doubtful that that will come off but the worst they can say is no and I still have a two week wait for there answer.

Finnish evening courses restart on Monday. The ones that are two nights a week! I also take Suomi 4 (B2 European framework), a text comprehension course, a Finnish writing course and I took the advanced grammar course last semester.

I also have an allergist appointment the end of this month! which I will be glad of rashes are driving me mad again, also unexplained weight gain. URGHHHH! nothing like putting on weight and eating healthily and exercising!

Gym classes start next week, trying to three classes a week and one to 2 gym trips on my own. We will see how long this lasts as it is pretty awkward to carry allergy food around too. Though this is life for me so I must adapt.

I am already pretty excited about us moving south again! Even though it will be summer when we move and location unknown, well debated hotly! time will tell! I may have to go to Helsinki every day so I don't want to be far away and Eero has to go to Tampere so we shall see!

Somewhere over the rainbow!

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