Monday, 9 January 2012

Pre Christmas Break in UK

Well, it has been chaos... not all good, not all bad. I suppose I could say that it would be a happy medium as it could be much worse. So we went to the UK on dad's week free break from his chemotherapy, he was a lot brighter than I expected and when my friend's saw him, no one suspected he was on chemo. I don't worry so much about his treatment, more to the tiredness the chemo brings.

The first weekend, we went to Somerset, as soon as we woke up from last night arriving in UK and traveling home, more traveling to see my grandparents. they couldn't come to us in Dudley as my nan was waiting for her second hip replacement, which from the get go was a lot worse than the first hip replacement. Enjoyable weekend, nice catch up. Brought my nan a bunch of flowers that were still alive and well 4 weeks later. I took my cross stitching back to the UK to show my nan and mom the design I was stitching for them both, before I broke my hand. 

 Mom, dad, Eero (roast lunch)
 Grandad, nan, me, mom and dad

Monday, we went back to Dudley. Then the Christmas chaos started, off shopping we went. I brought myself some fur-lined winter boots, I actually take that back, I saw them, mom brought me them for Christmas. We went to TK Max and brought nan a designer handbag, she was moaning the old one broke and gave a list of things the new bag must have. After 30minutes of searching, we found one that matched the requirements but for a funny joke (my nan checks everything, I mean EVERYTHING for a price) I left on the £69 RRP.

I left dad my mp3 player and put his Johnny Cash music on for when he goes to have his stem cell treatment and has to stay in isolation for 6 weeks. He also had a jumper we brought from Finland, some toffees and a few other odds and ends. We got mom an amazon kindle and some books and accessories. My brothers, we brought a fleece jumper, warm and smart enough to wear to the office. Eero, had 4 wii games. I had a new mp3 player, boots. Also I had ordered my new lumia 800 (nokia) Cyan... ah I love it sooooo much.

Most of the week was Christmas Shopping, then wrapping it all up. Catching up with mom and dad. Going out for meals with Eero... mom loves to do that and dad even managed to eat too. Not forgetting renewing Eero's and my own wardrobe to be shipped back in a box, I ended up with 4 new pairs of knee high boots <3 happy days.

I also got to meet my old lecturer Peter Jarvis (Dr), my favourite inspirational lecturer, who helped me make up my mind that teaching or training adults could be fun and educational. I loved our catch up over coffee and cake. I actually, I am really excited to go back next time to meet him, as with luck (good hopefully) there will have been so many new and exciting changes to talk about! =)

Time in the UK was so short, it felt like hours rather than days. I got to see the cats and pet them loads so it was happy. Until Tom, clawed and pulled 2 pairs of jeans... I didn't take as many photos or good ones considering my hand was in a cast, the job wasn't so bad

 Maisy (so pretty)
 Tom (so loving but demanding)
Ebby (cute and evil)
We got to go on so many meals out (but me the allergic ate before we went) but it was so much fun. Then we got a few family meals. The traditional family party at mom and dad's where Eero got to meet my aunt, uncle and my cousin's. Also we got to see Aunty Roz and Uncle Jim too  (well Jim as Roz was ill). Finally, a night meeting my friend's for a catch up

 Zara and Eero
 Eero's favourite bar, The Crooked House
Pete, Laura, me and my cast
Ishy, Lisa, and Ian
Laura, Me and Eero "the married couple" lol 

Laura B and her other half to be, came around mom's house later that night and we had a continuation party! =) Laura B also dropped us the wedding invite around the next night. The journey home was a cruel one, less that 2 hours sleep, midway through the night long drive, long flight well 3 hours is long when you are so tired and can't sleep, E slept... Then the 2 hour car drive back, by which time I was asleep, just couldn't fit it any longer.

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