Sunday, 4 December 2011

Work, Uni and a broken hand

From the 1st of December, I started my new job as a Research Assistant at my university!! The job is only temporary for 4 months but it's great anyway... office, keys and cash! what else could anyone ask for?!?! I have to update and make new course material, good practice and enjoyable work!!!

Then comes the bad news, a few weeks ago I fell off my bike and tried to knock out my front teeth, luckily I only knocked half of one front one out but exposed the nerve, very painful, and cracked the other... as well as that I broke my hand and have two fingers in cast which goes all the way to my elbow!!! I get it removed before Christmas though!!!

We had 8cm last Sunday and then it got warm and it all melted again!!!

Uni has been hard as I can't type with 2 hands and it takes ages!!! Apart from that we go to the UK Friday!!!!!

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