Friday, 6 March 2015

Finn-Guild Tampere, Jyväskylä, Helsinki, Lahti 2014

Well, we have seen a massive growth in activity during 2014. We are matching what the people want to do and want to have! This is just a selection of the best photos from the events just in Tampere, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Helsinki and these are not the only active areas!

 Golf Tournament, JKL
 Donation to another charity at the Golf Tournament, JKL

 Afternoon Tea at the Embassy, Helsinki

 Afternoon Tea at the Embassy, Helsinki

 Afternoon Tea at the embassy
 Tampere Group on the steam train

 Steam train trip to Kotka
  Langinkoski, from the Steam Train Trip

 Lovely old steam train


  Golf Tournament, JKL
 Tampere joins Jyväskylä for some frisbee golf!

  Tampere joins Jyväskylä for some frisbee golf!

  Golf Tournament, JKL

 Golf Tournament, JKL
 Lahti and Helsinki reps with Ambassador Sarah Price, Helsinki

Lahti, Christmas Caroles

Burn's Night 2015, Jyväskylä

 Top table

 Haggis, tatties and
 Allergy soup
 Allergy haggis. Normally, I don't like haggis. This was beautiful


Another growth of members coming to Burn's Night! Almost over 50 now! 10 from Lahti, 6 from Tampere, the others from Jyväskylä. Our beloved piper played for us, various poems read from a theme by Rabbie Burn's. Great food! The best food we have had so far! Followed by a late night in a bar until we were kicked out!

New Year, New start

2014, it was rough but 2015 we are all stronger and closer than ever. I like that, together we are stronger! Eppu and me decided to plan a bit more for this year, well I always plan but he wanted to join in. 2015's plan? Spring house for sale. Move back to Tampere, start our own family, do my lab work...

So what's happening, work I still love what I do. Which I think it hugely important but even more so to be paid to do it, makes it much more pleasurable! January I also applied for a scholarship, short application period to extend some lab work. Not sure when the project restarts yet. Of course most scholarships are rejected, we don't know about this one yet but it was really strong, so if it is rejected. I know that application was really strong. Time will tell, and everything is crossed to do something a little different.

Moving? Of course Eppu and me are hermits, Tampere, Jyvaskyla (two moves), Hämeenlinna, now back to Tampere. It's just a circle, back to where we want to be. How did the renovation go? It's all done and here are the photos!

Don't get me wrong, this house will always hold a special place in my heart, I love what we have done here, the lessons we learnt here, the life we have here. But to be near my friends and have a family near the bigger city, that's what we both want to have. So I guess now's the time to jump! January we had a meeting at the bank, next phase was approved. Few months looking for houses that would be suitable for what we want. Now March, we are planning to put this for sale and make the next step more official.

Mom and Dad's visits to Finland 2014

Not sure if these photos have been added before! But had to add some of the queen of cake!

 mom's birthday cake
 excited to be eating cake at my work!
 A different visit, the same cake
 At one of the boat places by the lake in the coat that went missing... lol
Us all by our house