Friday, 6 March 2015

Christmas lunch from work, pikkujoulu... Quick update from the last time I started blogging

Well, it has been a very busy few years and not too much interesting things to blog about. Mostly, I have just been working and volunteering a lot of my free time to Finn-Guild building the Tampere area. It is working better than I thought and here we are complete with a few active groups with different people in them.

The above picture, is from the 2013 Pikkujoulu from our work, we went on a day cruise to Tallinn, Estonia and had lunch at this medieval styled restaurant. It was a lovely day and so long. I travelled back to Hämeenlinna late in the evening on the train destined for Lapland. Trying not to fall asleep as my phone had died. I got there, carry a create of beer I had got for Eppu for staying up until almost midnight to pick me up. When I got back I remember it was sheet ice at the station, being so tired it was hard to focus on staying on my feet but somehow I made the car without ending on my bum. I small victory for man!

Pikujoulu, 2014 was a small affair we visited the Arts department in Helsinki, and then the others went to a buffet. I didn't go as I often ending up getting something bad for my allergies at those buffet style nights. I went to the arts department and then Aira and me went back to the city together on the tram. It was real fun I have to say, and a pleasant trip back to Hämeenlinna. No beer for Eppu this time but he seemed happy I was home.

2014 was a rough year by many issues, it saw mom have bowel cancer and a few removals. Though no bowel removed, dad had some really depressive episodes, I had some issues with allergies changing and unexplained weight gain. Later in 2014 we found it appeared to be corn and sugar being a problem, both removed and small amount of sugar are allowed. Weight now dropping. 6.8kg loss so far, another 16kg I think to get back to where it all started. Uncle Hubert also has cancer in his kidney, he's not reacting at all well to chemo, but dad was really sick on his so there's still a good chance he will be ok after the treatment.

Work is still great, still working, still paid. In this economy that's something in itself! Project ended September 2014, waiting for the new one to start. Late 2014, I secured a collaboration for some biogas lab work. I am now hoping to write my actual dissertation on this. From September, I started remote working from Aalto, to save time travelling, doesn't really save much cash as it costs between 50-60€ per trip and I'm going 3-4 times a month at the minute. May have to see about changing that, if it's possible. I am really enjoying working from home and having a few more hours in my day. Eppu is still getting up every day at 5.15am. I feel sorry for him, but now Spring 2015, we are all set up to put the house for sale and move back to Tampere. Let's see how this goes!

2014, also contained a lot of random networking. I am very social so this is part of work I really enjoy. You never know where and what you need in the future! So it's worth knowing people and spending a little time to say hi.

Finn-Guild, 2014 was the first year I went to London with Graham for the AGM. It was a good weekend though exhausting. Graham and I travelled there together and I came back alone and didn't get the wrong tub!!! Again in 2015, I am going again but this time making my own way there and back. The AGM is somewhere different but I will update you on that as it happens.

I am now at a point in my life again, where this blog will be an important insight into the past. So here we go again! 2015 update coming soon!

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