Friday, 6 March 2015

Animals in our Hämeenlinna Garden

 The pain of my life but they are cute

Patches is slowly getting more brave, almost been inside twice now

 Deer was in the garden but I scared it trying to get the camera

 Looks pretty these jays sound horrible!

Nopea, (speedy)... quickest biggest hog I have ever seen. Comes most nights for food in summer. Doesn't run to far when I take it's food out either but squeaks. Still afraid of hedgehogs, glad it moves away

 She later let us see her cub, which was the cutest thing we ever saw one fall morning before 6am.

Who needs a gardener?
"I'm hungry, the feeder is empty".

Woody, beautiful woodpecker and allows photos for sunflower seeds or sometimes fatballs

 The reason we needed to seed feeders...

Spring and autumn the pheasant appears

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