Friday, 6 March 2015

Christmas 2014

We (Eppu and me) went to the UK first for a few days and then we flew with mom and dad to Spain for a week's break. It was actually really sunny there. Eppu and me did some walking every day as the hotel has no gym. Aunty Jill and Uncle Rob also came with us. It was a really good week, I almost bet my Italy coffee drinking levels but not quite! I tried to eat things from the menu but after the first 2 brave meals and some random sickness, I stuck to the safer options and went to the pizza lady once a day for a slice of pizza.

Then back in the UK, cats are all well and still pests.

 Maisy, and her belly rubbing
 Ebby, waiting to get on the sofa.
Tom wouldn't stay far enough away for a good photo!

Grandad also had his knee replaced late November 2014. The surgery itelf went well and the scar is neat and clean. However, the swelling and the redness remain. Still in March 2015, there's problem with it still and he's suspected of being allergic to something, due to see the skin doctor soon. After being put on more antihistamine and antibiotics than you could imagine. The tortoises were hibernating. 

Summer visit, dad, Eppu and me built them an enclousure fenced in as the fox took them the year before. For my 30th I got a new nikon camera

After the holiday as nan and grandad couldn't go tend the graves this year, me and mom went and got the wreathes and Eppu wanted to come along as well. So off we went to clean them, weed them and tie the wreathes on

I managed a pretty normal Christmas dinner missing stuffing and gravy. Guess some of the allergies have changed for the better. But after eating chocolate and being sick, not all is paradise! 

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