Monday, 9 January 2012

Christmas in Helsinki and Espoo

Just before Christmas I got to have my cast removed, it was a bit of a shock 5 weeks later it was still badly bruised and worst I couldn't move my hand... along came anxiety attack. Then 5 minutes later I was outside calling everyone laughing at myself. My hand was painful, I couldn't move it and it was numb. I had urgent physiotherapy appointment the next day. My hand had been support bandaged up until then, I couldn't bear to see it. When I plucked up the courage in the office later that afternoon, I was once more saddened that the cast had cut badly into my hand. The next day I had physio, still worried I couldn't move my hand... I had 8kg on the strength test, that hurt so much the world went fuzzy around the outside and I felt sick, 26kg on the "good" arm. He gave me a post cast support to wear and some exercises.

It was a little strange somehow to be back in Finland, time in the UK went so quickly. We went to Hanna and Antti's for Christmas eve days lunch. The to Vesa and Miia for sleeping and the next morning before traveling back to Tampere, for lunch then back on to Jyväskylä. We drove around so much over Christmas and I felt very guilty that hand in cast, or support brace that I couldn't help out with the driving. We got to see the new baby but I didn't hold her for fear my bad hand would hurt and a drop her or something.

2 weeks later, back in the physio's office, the strength had almost returned in my hand but certain movements remained painful and I still couldn't carry weight but the healing time is 3 months, so now I have to wait. I am banned from outdoor sports, then I was so mad, I planned to take the skiing course from school but now I can not...

It has been strange being at work at the time which is at the university, seeing no one I know and knowing they have mostly all returned to their respective countries...

The other thing that was mind blowingly weird was no snow! We had no snow until almost New Year's Eve and even then that was a covering of snow. It has been so warm 0C or plus temperatures any snow that fell, melted soon after. Below this lake was almost in Jyväskylä so we are quite far north for snow at this time of year...  

New Year's Eve, we decided to spend Eero's birthday alone. We could do what we wanted, when we wanted. So we brought us fireworks, favourite foods, romantic walks talking about, love, life, the future... was strangely a lot of fun. We watched our own fireworks then walked into city watched the city's fireworks, went home, watched a film and went to bed, the rest is history.

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