Monday, 30 January 2012

End of January

Life in a freezer, finally winter has hit us, -22C today and dropping. Thursday, I have an interview at Jyväskylän energia for my thesis work, it is predicted to be -30C then, an hours walk either way. omg whatever will I look like when I get there!!

Hopefully the decision for my thesis title is made by the end of the week! The future looks very hopeful after last weeks, thesis meeting. I have decided to try and get a PhD after this, if not nothing lost! But I would like to pursue a life in teaching and/or research. Time will tell and a little luck wouldn't go a miss.

Weekend we have had some very interesting talks from which I am not allowed to go public yet but anyway WATCH THIS SPACE, as they say!

My nan is out of hospital again today, so third time lucky.

 Picture from JYU, the way to school =)

Well, there is not much more for me too say! I have the allergist tomorrow and I have been going to the gym. I ache in places my brain forgot existed and Eero has a pass to go with me on the weekends, who needs to hire a trainer when your sexy boyfriend does it for free? 

It was a pretty fun experience going to the gym together. I miss running with him it's the only reason I don't like winter. Alas, when the ice is gone we can run again! 

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