Saturday, 2 June 2012

UK and master's completion (almost)

Well, the holiday in the UK was a wash out, my supervisor changed my deadline to the end of May so the one week I had planned to have off, with dad on his chemotherapy and the first week's holiday since Christmas, failed epically. As I was forced to sit and write my thesis all the time, the only day I took off was the Saturday for Laura's and Jason's Wedding.

 Black swans at Dumbleton Hall
 Geese who wanted to be fed and to chase you at the same time.
Dumbleton Hall

Wedding was lovely. Red hot day and an awesome day!! 

Then all I did was go to Tesco to get some new jeans and to Merry Hill once... Some secret squirrel things were discussed and purchased, but nothing I am allowed to discuss or nothing you would guess anyway, even if you knew... but looking for house decorating stuff was super fun, just wish I had more time to do stuff with mom and dad. 

Dad on the plus side has had the all clear and no longer needs chemo, just his isolation treatment and it is all done =)

I am now waiting for my thesis corrections so as I can get this thing marked and move on with my life, deadlines are pretty close and I am pretty stressed... impatiently waiting o.0 Jusy want it finished and in, while I am focused on it... and I so badly just want a break, 6 months now of constant long days and nights, and it will start again in September/August... All I wanted was a few weeks off, doesn't look promising now anyway... 2 weeks more to finish the thesis and get it marked and certificate received... then we move house so more chaos begins...

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