Friday, 21 May 2010

Freaky Friday

It's been a hit and miss day... I was meant to go to wok wok to see the girls but I have had another day of being ill. Seems to be running alongside the high birch pollen rates and it makes sense that it could make me ill as I have the birch food pollen allergy. Hoping for some rain and drop in pollen counts to test this theory out.

I heard back from the one job I applied for (but knew then chances were slim as I didn't have the work experience they wanted) was a rejection. Over 15,000 people applied for 5 jobs (same job different locations). I haven't taken it to heart as I never stood much chance as Finnish speaking was a requirement. Even the rejection email was in Finnish lol but I am glad the company took the time to email people back. A job's not important now I'm starting university again and I have my right of residence.

Quite day, I have been lying down most the day as I haven't felt well. However, Eero being hopelessly romantic brought me a whole box full of rice wafers.

Another random update...
The best €10 we ever spent and we got him Vappu

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