Monday, 3 May 2010

Hyvää Vappua!

Celebrations start here 31st April and go on the whole weekend. Vappu is big with the students =) so they have to party all weekend! It looks a bit off to outsiders I suppose they wear funny coloured overalls with badges on (the colour is chosen by the subject they study and loads of people wear the graduation caps)

Friday we had a little family get together, a little late planned somehow but at least we had some things in the kitchen to throw together chocolate brownies, chips, doughnuts and other junk food items! Eero also made Sima too (traditional lemon, sugar, water, yeast and raisins). Mine was made without raisins as I'm allergic to them... was nice not like anything I have had before but refreshing and sweet.

I really enjoyed that night, gossiping, watching moomin's even feed the ducks before everyone came around.

Saturday was the 1st May so off we went into city for my first Vappu day here! It was cold and showery, rain held off most of the time, thankfully. The city was full of markets, concerts and people selling things. Of course the annoying beggars were around in a larger number than usual. Eero and myself had a gossip walking around, looked on the stalls in the market, then went to watch the students get dunked in the water. After I had behaved all the way around Eero got me a moomin balloon. The balloon lady looked somewhat confused and bemused that a grown up wanted a balloon. She tied the balloon to my wrist (odd as I am grown up and can tie my own balloon to my wrist)and off I skipped happy I had a balloon.

We then caught some random bus and walked part of the way home. The bus ride was annoying with an Australian girl who was irritating and 3 others who encouraged her to be annoying. You know the kind, they like to hear only themselves (their views are always correct). Finally that group got off but we only had a few stops left! Anyway the girl and the boy were very annoying, I hate people on soap boxes on buses (urgh!). As you know I am not often too bitchy but it was amusing that the know it all Aussie couldn't even pronounce "kiitos" properly and it was her second year here (according to her crazy ramblings). Anyway we walked through the woods then alongside the main road back to Hervanta, it was lovely and sunny! I also found a few more places I would like to explore soon (though I have been there before, it doesn't look the same with snow)

Sunday we just chilled out played board games, watched movies went for a walk. I was happy all weekend, knowing I got into Jyväskylä made a good weekend though it causes some problems... moving is not that easy! lol but I am sure it will all get sorted.

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