Monday, 24 May 2010

Lahti and a fly by visit to Mikkeli

Saturday morning I did some baking for the long two days driving around. It was another hot day, so hot that driving in the car wasn't the best thing we could of thought to do but going to a house warming was exciting! We left for Lahti around 2pm, filled the car up of petrol and cleaned the windows (I used the long stick window washer, trying to avoid getting near too much birch pollen). The drive was really pretty everything green, woods and then some big lakes (normal Finnish scenery) though it doesn't matter how many times you see it all, it's still beautiful.

Time passed driving quickly being silly joking, talking and listening to music. We got some luomu milk for me when we were almost there.

Then I meet Vesa (again) and Annukka whose house warming it was! Anyway more people turned up and we played board games, drank and ate. Then we went into Lahti centre and went clubbing. The night finished with hesburger were I managed to get a blood sugar crash (thankfully i had ribena and choc in bag) though it didn't raise my blood sugar much. I really enjoyed that night and even the wait for the taxi. Though I was cold, my legs were weak and shaking and my eyes didn't want to focus... I have no clue how my blood sugar got so low and it's been 4 or 5 years since it crashed like that. I put it down to being ill all last week and not eating much but walking a lot and not eating much that day but dancing all night. Oh well, no harm done. Annukka gave me a banana when we got home, blood sugar saved. I just learnt I'm not as immortal as I like to think.

Sunday we got up (late), ate, watched tv. The boys went or pizza and Annukka and I saw watching tv and talked. Great weekend. Around 2pm we left for Mikkeli. It had threaten rain but as we drove Eero said "the weather forecast was wrong", two minutes later it rained. I was amused. Rain was off and on all the way to Mikkeli (I love the smell of wet forest here). We drove around Mikkeli looking at the places both we went to and Eero(Mikkeli school, bars, old apartment, places we walked) looking at the new hole in the city floor. Then we went to citymarket (tried to) then we remembered it was helluntai (whitsun) so everything was shut. We then drove to Jarmo and Johanna's had coffee and dropped off the stuff we had too (Jarmo was away in Oulu) and then we left to drive home.

I love the drive from Mikkeli to Jyväskylä it is soooo pretty even when it's raining. I saw swans on most lakes on the way home, and lots of foals (baby horses) they were super cute! The drive home was long but as normal we entertained each other being silly and talking.

We drove through Jyväskylä and I pointed out roadsigns were we could live, where I would like to live, where I thought university campus was. We also saw some signs that we wanted to do and go see. We didn't stop though the day had been long enough and we have time to go look around and see what's around after Spain and the UK.

We got home around 9pm, still raining and unpacked the car. We saw a huge rabbit when we got back to the apartment running around in the rain. I then cooked us some dinner, we ate, showered, watched some hockey and slept

A great weekend though!

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