Thursday, 27 May 2010

Week 21

Nothing much to report on this week. Monday evening we went to ideapark and brought some trainers for Spain and UK. It was rainy. Tuesday, I cleaned the apartment and washed clothes. Wednesday I went a walk to shopping centre and brought some milk and things for dinner. Homemade pizza, yummy. We also feed 24 ducks, 4 pigeons and a weird bird I haven't found yet (will look in my book soon). We then went to Kirsti's and took the bikes apart to be recycled. I decided I want a book bag on my bike too, as I have a basket on the back for my handbag =)

Today I went into city and registered myself as a foreigner, I am excited as I will now get an ID number and live normally here! whoohoo!

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary <3

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