Friday, 14 May 2010

Ascension Day (helatorstai)

Yesterday was Ascension day, a national holiday in Finland but not in the UK where majority are Christian, odd.

Anyhow, the day was a busy one Eero didn't want a quite day off work and to be honest I was glad of the company! We put my bike together and then locked it up in the shed with 2 locks, no one is taking my bike!!! lol will post a picture before the weekend is out!

We went to Jouko's and Kati's for lunch, everyone happy I had supplied the list of things I can eat previously so I didn't have to take things with me! Even pudding was rotated toward me with meringue, cream and raspberries. Though I need a filling in my tooth redone and that was happy with the sugar hehe. Still, it's one of few luxuries I get! Also my filling is being repaired in 3 weeks so not long left to have a sensitive tooth! The weather was gorgeous and we ate cake and coffee on the balcony.

Went home, chilled out and I ate potato chips again, no rash nothing. So glad I tolerate potato again!!! My weight is a pain in the backside since my reintroductions I am getting fat but not actually eating much which is annoying. So I am upping exercise and continuing to eat the same... my metabolism should stabilize soon. Not impressed that it will mean I go to Spain as heavy as I was when I got here but still battle is lost but the war is not yet won!

Mom and dad confirmed their visit yesterday afternoon which was a nice lift to my mood. I'm excited already and planning places to go and what to do!

Yesterday was my 6 month marker, it has gone so quickly. I can't believe I only have 2 months left until I am at university again... its surreal. However, I have choosen 3 potential apartments until Eero gets there. I will ask him to see them later and book them.

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