Monday, 17 May 2010

Suolijärvi walk

Sunday was a nice day. It did get as hot as Saturday so we went to sunbathe and read on Suolijärvi's beach for a few hours. I still didn't feel great so we came home and I ate. Eero then finished off painting the chairs on the balcony. I got all restless so we decided to go on a walk... so squirrel lake was decided. I didn't pack any water or anything just my camera as squirrel lake is small and we normally walk around the streets and small parks after. Alas came the funny part, Eero decided squirrel lake was Suolijärvi (4.5km walk).

Though I had a headache in the end walking 4.5km in 50 minutes over very rough ground, including picture stops. It was a bit dark to get any good shots as the sun was in the wrong place! Suolijärvi is a strange walk, it doesn't feel like you are going around the lake, then all of a sudden you are back at the swimming pier. There is even a small cliff to climb and the views are beautiful. I loved it and I want to walk it everyday! (with water)

Still didn't feel to well on Sunday evening after the walk so Eero cooked dinner, roasted vegs, mashed potatoes and grilled pork. I was drinking water.

It's odd we have been in the hot sun a lot the weekend and neither of us have burnt we have got the start of a good tan though!!

Also we applied for my student accommodation for the intensive course in August. My school is based over the "pretty" side of the lake so hopefully we get an apartment that side of the lake.

We found a new squirrel to feed too

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