Monday, 10 May 2010


Sunday 9th May is Mother's day here, so off to äiti Suominen's for dinner we went. It was a lovely dinner and a few hours chat... a sign my Finnish is improving as I understood a lot more than I did last time!

So back in time now, Friday was Wok Wok day and although we had a short lunch we still caught up on the week's gossip and planned to have an extra meet up this week. I had a nice time, then back home. I then baked a blackcurrant crumble cake before we went shopping.

Saturday we drove down to Helsinki to Hanna and Antti's to get the bike Hanna was giving us, it's blue and I love it! Thankfully it's a mountain bike similar to my other one so we should get along great!!! whoohoo!! We also went (if my bearings are right) to Itäkeskus shopping centre. Must of been there as it was massive to look for a birthday present for mom... I know exactly what she likes and thought Marimekko would of had a bright coloured top to match, alas it was not meant to be! However, I did find something suitable in a different store so the journey wasn't wasted.

After shopping we went back to Hanna's had cake and coffee. Put the bike in the car in the pouring rain and left for Tampere.

Sunday night I ordered a few crime books and 2 research textbooks that will be useful for choosing what to write about for my biomass dissertation for my master's (I decided that much at least)I also hope that whatever I settle on I may compare against landfill (seems a waste not to use what I worked with so long!) but time will tell and there's enough time for me to change my mind a hundred times. The books are coming from England as they were a lot cheaper even with shipping that buying them from here.

We are going into city later to get some fish and go to the library...

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