Monday, 31 May 2010

31st May 2010

Sunny and 22C today! summer is here!!!!!!!

Today was a rough day rashes and ill and the cause unknown! urgh. E did tell me while we were walking that birch pollen is at it's peak which could be the cause or have something to do with it. We went for a walk this evening and went to feed the ducks. We feed them some rolls E made the day before (ducks got what he didn't eat on the way). I love to go walking with E so playful and cheeky! <3 x

Still waiting for my books from waterstone's Friday is the last day they should come, here's to hoping as we fly on Saturday.

I have a few suprises for E when we get back to the UK, I been saving my free cash to get him something nice! (can't say yet, yes babe I know you read this)

Lilies are growing fast must be 18hours 45mins of daylight currently.

Mom, dad, Dean, Eden, nan, granddad and Irene ave enjoyed themselves in Somerset today (its bank holiday) going around the gardens. mom even baked 72 cupcakes!!!

I started to pack today... I have so many clothes I would like to take! it's hard as we have a week in Spain and a week in the UK!!! packing short list continues tomorrow!!

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