Tuesday, 1 June 2010


OK, so I am behind with most peoples design to look good in a bikini by summer. I look good enough now but I have decided to get into the Finnish way of fitness. So, today I took a walk to the shops brought some bottled water. That was the begining of my 1km walk. Then I came back did the laundry and cleaning. I have 6 months today to lose 9kg shouldn't be too hard!

Then tonight we went for an 8km while it was sunny and 21C! So off we went, I decided to go in my trainers (big mistake) as I had been wearing them for short walks for a week. I now have blisters on both my small toes the length of my small toes (ouch) at least they didn't burst. Eero being hopelessly romantic brought me some new socks from intersport when we got to citymarket. Though we both knew my foot would stiil hurt I didn't want to get the bus back. E was attacked by mosquitoes on the way home and one was the size of a small dog lol (maybe not but it was huge!)

We went to citymarket to get some gifts to go home with few bars of chocolate and some cakes that everyone liked the best last time. Oh I got Dean some strawberry flavour Finnish oreo's. Granddad and nan got additional liquorish.

This morning I got my personal Identity Number so now all is well in my little world! I'm also excited about going to UK!

Still getting random rashes but I think, to almost certain it's to do with the birch pollen levels being so high. I am not looking forward to returning to UK with grass pollen levels when we return but I have packed my hay-fever medications so I'm at least prepared...

Today was good, walked 9km, got my ID number, got small gifts for all our family and loved ones.

Looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow and a walk in my sandals

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