Wednesday, 23 June 2010

22 June 2010

Eero had today off as we were originally planning to come home by train from Helsinki, thankfully Jouko picked us up from the airport and so we had a day to chill out at home (rare event!). We got up early and Eero did the washing for me, though I think my explanation of wash black things and coloured things separately may have gone a miss (my black jeans run). After that, we weren't to sure what to do as waterstones asked me for a day to have a redelivery and I choose Tuesday, they didn't. So complaints sent to waterstones...

In the evening we went to Anttila and brought some new curtains and a day blanket (throw) for the bed this has taken 8 months to find something worth the €80's they cost. We also brought a new pair of bathroom scales ours are black, glass and funky now! Then we went to intersport as we tried to find a bike book bag that would fit on my bike with the basket, it was unsuccessful. Then into citymarket to get the big weekly shop, the cupboards are now restocked and we spent a small fortune! whoopes.... (but nothing new). On the way back to Hervanta I saw a fox sat in the sun in the long grass, I even made Eero turn the car around so we could go look again but it had gone. Foxes here are a lot more red than the UK foxes.

Later still we decided to go a walk in the woods... big mistake. I assumed even though I dubbed the mosquitoes "forest midges" there would be more by the lake than in the woods. I always wondered why so many people here ran or jogged, I know now. Well, I like to think they run to keep the swarm of mosquitoes away from them. They can keep up with a quick walk. We both got biten a few times, I got them mostly on my face and neck which is annoying but Eero got them on his neck and legs. They say you should let them bite you and you get immunity by the end of the summer but if they all bit us we would of been low on blood! After a few kilometres speed walking through the woods up and down hill we hit the hour a day cardio.

We went home and cooked between watching football matches. England game tomorrow on previous games this will be the last!

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