Thursday, 24 June 2010

23rd and 24th June 2010

Nothing much happened here to report of interest.

23rd I spent 5 hours cleaning the apartment, hanging the new curtains and putting the summer holiday clothes away. No need to put the far it's sunny and hot here! We watched England game and we won... and the other team were alive!! lol at least we played better, not great but better.

Then I spent a few hours reading my dad's Bernard Cornwell book Azincourt, I really enjoyed reading it, it's a historical book but it was very interesting and a page turner. I also read the 4th addition to the twlight saga, the second life of Bree... only 150pages and I read it in a few hours but I thought it was rubbish, uninteresting and very predictable (but I read it all regardless)

24th June
Today I had a more relaxed day. I finished off the Azincourt book and started on my Karen Rose, I can see you. I'm pushing myself to read a lot more this month as I am waiting (still) for my research degree books but I will be lucky to get them before I start at this rate...

I went a short walk and ran a few errands. Came back home and dusted. Checked the mail nothing interesting but it's more fun now things come for me!!

Eero came home earlier as it's Midsummer weekend, so I cooked his pizza and made him a drink. Then he packed his bag and took my bike to Heikki's. Then I get my weekly peace and quiet where I can do as I please for a few hours while the boys play games and watch films... bliss.

I went a walk to supermarket to get some milk and bottled water so we have enough to last the weekend. Came back to sneezing and a runny nose, urgh grass pollen. The warmer spring and now warm summer will try to set my hayfever off at every chance. Not often the grass pollen gets high here but this year is a trying one!

Now I must go make something to eat and read. Maybe a movie or three on the computer =D

Tomorrow off to the summer cottage to camp armed with antihistamines in case the grass pollen wants to make a nuisance of itself

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