Tuesday, 22 June 2010

UK continued

Wednesday we decided to have a barbeque as the weather was good. Really just any excuse for a party! So in the morning we went to Merry Hill for some food shopping. Eero got some new books from Waterstones and looked for some new games. I was happy to indulge in allergy friendly pizza though I was disappointed it wasn't as good as the ones we make! Also had some not so friendly scones with clotted cream (nom nom).

Photo of Ebby and Maisy

Donna (Sherry), boys and Libby May came around for the barbeque along with Eero, Ros, Jim, Dean, mom, dad and myself. Sun shone and we chatted and caught up on the 7 months I had been gone.

Thursday we went to see Angela, Zara and Sienna in the afternoon. Then talked and watched tv in the evening. In the morning moms new sofa and chair arrived, bright red but it does look nice.

Mom wanted lots of different take aways as a treat for Eero to try the many different things we have... even though we have some of it in Finland.

Friday we went to Somerset in the morning to see my grandparents and relax by the seaside. We shopped in Taunton on the Friday. Saturday started cloudy so we decided for the rare event of staying at the bungalow. The sun came out so we sat in the sun and read. Later we went to the bar to see Irene and there was a quiz on in the bar so we played along. Then back to the bungalow for more talking and gossiping.

Photo of some of granddads roses and lilies

Sunday we left the bungalow around lunch time and headed for home. Once there I petted all the cats again and feed the tortoises a strawberry all but Alfie who has gone missing (as normal). Even Lucky the cat showed up for some loving, he even played chase the stick (little old thing doesn't normally want to play). Eden was also around as Dean is looking after her this week. I got to see my brother Paul too and I got Eden to carry the unlit birthday into Paul and Dean as a belated cake. Lisa O then popped in for a visit and a gossip while Eero watched the football. As usual Tom made a nuisance of himself so I put him outside, cute but a pest. We called Aunty Hazel and Uncle Hubert too to chat to them as we had little visiting time.

Monday morning, Dean's first day at his new job for the nhs. Eden was dropped off early so playtime started early. We then went up the town to get currency changed, chocolate and a few odds and ends. Eden wanted me to buy her some Disney princess plasters so I did. We then went home and finished packing. We said goodbye to the pets and got in the car for the drive to Manchester airport. Eden fell asleep part way into the journey.

Mom, dad and Eden dropped Eero and me off at the airport, we said our goodbyes and went and checked in at terminal 3. The flight back was a pleasant one it was light during both take off and landing. We flew quite low over Denmark, Sweden and then Finland seeing such beauty from above just made me remember why I came here in the first place. We got off the planes and my hayfever still made me sneeze a little but the grass pollen is normally higher in Helsinki.

We landed got our bags and went to Jouko who had agreed to pick us up which was a great relief no trains with heavy bags! 21st June is the longest day and the sun never went down last night. We stopped for food on the services, the ate. I just drank a ribena. On the drive home we also saw 2 elks trying to find a gap in the motorway fence. They were something I had never seen in real life before so I was happy just wished we could of had a photo of them.

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