Sunday, 6 June 2010

Back to the UK

We returned to the UK via Ryanair and I remember why I dislike the airline, the annoying fanfair when you land, the bright yellow interior that gives me a headache. Nothing else is much different though we did have a very rough landing the plane bounced like a rubber ball onto the runway. People even gasped (which I thought was amusing). Then everyone rushed to get off just to queue at the boarder control and wait for their luggage.

We landed 25 minutes early though with dad and Dean (my brother) waiting for us. Mom had packed me an allergy friendly pizza and Eero Marks & Spencers most expensive sandwich also some chocolate for us both. Along with a cooler box full of drinks. So we snacked and talked the entire drive home.

The weather so hot and humid when we landed almost tropical. We drove up the A14 home, one of my favourite roads as I worked on it almost daily fo 15 months. Dad ased where I worked and wanted to know which landfill I got Lucky from (named as he was lucky to be alive he was so starved).

We were almost home and we went to the supermarket to get mom her suprise belated birthday cake (mom loves cake), Dean got some barbeque food for the party on Sunday.

When we got home mom was waiting in the window. We ordered chinese and talked until we were all tired and ready for bed. Dad and me then went to the local corner shop got some cat biscuits and some flowers to plant the next day.

Sunday morning we got up early and came downstairs. We went to Merry Hill for some last minute shopping. Thy had nothing that Eero wanted in stock which was annoying but I got everything I needed. We then went food shopping to get the finger foods for the party.

On returning home around lunch time dad and me went to the DIY shop for the rest of the bedding plants for the garden. So we just got home and placed the flowers on the patio and it started to rain.

The party was a small get together this time, smaller than last but it was a nice catch up with Ros and Jim too. Then it cleared up so I finished sorting the hanging basket for the front of the house and the two pots out front, the two pots on the rear patio and the huge wall planting part. I started to resculpt the tortoise garden after we spent over an hour hunting Alfie who had buried himself in the dirt under the log. I just have 30 minutes planting left to do in that garden and thats the gardening at mom and dad's done. They don't like doing the flower planting for some reason.

The night is yet young and the party continues <3 x

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