Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sunny Summer

I don't think it's often that summers are hot for so long here, it has been an excellent summer as yet! Sunny and hot most days. Forecast has predicted 29C for the weekend. Let's hope it holds out for when mom and dad visit.

Cold is still holding on for all it's worth! Ran a fever most of today not helped by no wind so I couldn't get a draft through the apartment. I felt better by the time Eero came home. We went to visit Jouko to wish them a happy holiday. Then went into city where Eero brought a fan so I wouldn't get hot... bliss. Not in the city long and we were both tired from colds. Dropped books to library, recharged bus card and home we came.

Eero made me pizza =) he's sooooooo cute! I <3 him x

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