Friday, 4 June 2010

Week of sorting, cleaning and packing

I say now that I love going away also that I love to go back home but I hate packing. Not only do I have to fit all the clothes, straighteners, make up, more clothes, gifts (which are all edible this time)but I have to take things to eat and drink for the Spain holiday... annoying but it saves me being so ill and itching the whole time. Good job E packs light!

This week has been quite productive really, I even had time to go and open a bank account (bank chosen by the sexy husband). My "things to do" list is shorter than ever! He still wants me to remember my ID number but I can't remember my phone number... though I kind of know both today.

We are both really excited about both of our holidays and I know I won't sleep tonight but E would sleep on a bed on nails on a ship in a storm... Mom's excited too, every few hours a call, today she emphasized that dad would pick us up TOMORROW... like I was going to forget. The one thing apart from seeing my family I love about going home is eating the naughty things that I can't get here in Finland... if I want pizza here we make it, I can't go to Sainsbury's and buy one.

I dislike the week before though as I am a nightmare to live with then, homesickness strikes and I get irritable. E doesn't seem to be bothered by this which is good, he let's it fly cause he knows its just a phase.

Can't wait to see my pets... mom said the tortoises have been egg laying again, shame we have no male to sort it out for some babies...

I can't wait to see the cats either, Especially my little Ebby and Maisy =)(or not so little if moms been feeding them).

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