Wednesday, 16 June 2010


We had a lovely holiday in Spain, the weather was mostly hot and sunny but we had a few days of showers and cooler weather. June is a temperamental month in Spain it seems. I have been to Benidorm once before but I really loved this visit more than the previous one!

We went out on a few days trips to 5 or 6 different Spanish villages and the Benidolieg caves. The caves were a great day out for me and they aren't a common tourist location so I was super excited. We went to a pretty town called Dénia which is one of the towns were bulls run through the towns and are chased into the sea. The trips were great fun and we saw some really beautiful towns.

Hotel was also great good food, good choice, great entertainment!

We went with my mom and dad but Eero enjoyed every minute of the trip. Worked out well as a holiday and my parents got to know Eero even more. I don't think they could love him anymore but mom keeps trying!!!

Anyway to cut a long story short we had a great holiday, nice relax, good trips and I wasn't ill so we had a very active holiday!

The departure was a nightmare air strikes in France gave us 2.5hour delay as soon as we hit the airport, follower but another 3.5hour delay as a storm made our plane land in Valencia airport and not in Alicante. It was a long annoying day as no travel reps could be found to complain too. Alas we got home eventually ate and went to bed.

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