Friday, 2 July 2010

1st and 2nd July

Nothing to exciting to blog about really. Ran a few errands in the city, finished off with a quick visit to the city today. Spending more money but such is life! and this new life is definitely worth that money. It is still really hot and sunny here, hope it stays that way for when mom and dad visit.

1st July, I had an email from Jyväskylä confirming the language course booking, telling me times and general information. They said that I should get a further email soon with a tutor's contact details... I don't really need the "standard" tutor stuff I have been here and we have set up all that I need in order to survive here but it would be nice to have a friendly face and maybe just maybe get some new friends from it =). I am really looking forward to starting at Jyväskylä now and everything is slowly falling into place.

Nan and Granddad have called a lot this last week, they appear to be worried about when they will see me again... they don't know it will be December time as there is no October half term breaks at Finnish universities. They haven't asked. They seem excited that there's a chance Eero is coming for Christmas and a chance we may go abroad for it. Who knows yet though, it is far from sorted or organised. It does seem like a fair option considering I have spent two Christmas' here.

We both still have the end of a nasty cold, it's been a week and I still keep having random fevers but thankfully they now burn out in an hour. Eero is at Heikki's tonight (2nd), Eero even got me some rice wafers and water from the shop, bless him.

I haven't picked up my Finnish books for over a week thanks to a cold, well the lack of me being able to focus and concentrate. So I have resorted to reading my normal books. Waterstones are now resending my books as I never got the other order so hopefully I get the books before we get visitors!

I am enjoying summer though, the sun is great (mosquitoes aren't so great)and the grass pollen isn't as evil (yet). I'm getting slight itching in my eyes, nose and throat so I know the pollen is there but it's not killing me like it does at home.

Work in the city is progressing well, they are putting stalls up for Tammerfest 2010. I think it will be a good festival but it's quite expensive as you pay to see the separate artists you want to see. I am half hoping to go see Poets of the Fall again but we will see.

I am missing the wok wok crew and I hope we regroup soon, I don't think I have seen them since the end of May =( but still we have facebook and I know they are alive and well!

The weekend's weather forecast is hot and sunny up to 30C and we are going on a day trip to almost Turku tomorrow and to the moomin world!!! whoohooo!!! plus we get to see Katri and Pekka!!! Katri and me can buy moomin things while we distract the boys with football but more on those antics after they happen!

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