Monday, 26 July 2010

Mom and Dad's First Visit to Finland (part 1)

Wednesday 14th July
We have had such a hot summer here but today there's a thunderstorm. It lasted a few hours mostly just fork lightening with a the odd rumble of thunder. It did rain but not really for long just a very heavy shower.

We left for Helsinki around 6pm and stopped off at Hanna and Antti's in Helsinki. Then we went to the airport to fetch mom and dad, it was cloudy but still 30C! tropical almost... While we were waiting for mom and dad I heard a man say "Go, I wished it was this hot at home but it was raining when we left"... I smiled, happy we were getting the best weather! We didn't have a long wait until they left the arrivals door. We had a 2 hour drive home so we put the suitcase in the car and started for the services where mom, dad and E could get something nice to eat. It was a quite ride home with mom just looking at the amount of trees and lakes (she thought we exaggerated I think!).

Thursday 15th July
So on their first proper day we decided to stay local, show them Ahvenisjärvi and get a little something for lunch. We brought the ducks some bread and we all went and feed them later on in the evening. Kirsti and Perti were coming for dinner Friday so we baked two cakes for the occasion. It was hot and sunny.

Friday 16th July
Another hot and sunny day. We had another walk around Hervanta then we cooked two quiches and homemade a pizza. Early evening and Kirsti and Perti arrived, it was a great night and everyone got on great and talked and talked and talked! Went so well they planned their next meeting for a few days in the holiday.

Saturday 17th July
Hot, hot, hot! We went into city on the bus. We walked around Finlayson and the library side of town. Dad and Eero had an ice cream, Dad had pear flavour and Eero had mango. We then went into the Kauppatori (indoor market) I had some wild Finnish river salmon and dad got some smoked reindeer. In the afternoon we went for a swim and sunbathe in Suolijärvi, the lake was full of people but the water was warm too. Even mom went in!!!

mom in Suolijärvi

mom and dad on Suolijärvi beach

Sunday 18th July
Jouko came to fetch us to take us to the summer cottage. They then met Kati when we got to Orivesi. Today was warm but cloudy, threatened rain but it never came. We ate reindeer and goats cheese burgers (omg food heaven)herring in sauce, smoked perch fresh from the lake. It was the start of moms eating week (she doesn't normally eat much like a sparrow!)

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