Monday, 5 July 2010

4th July + Jyväskylä Update

Another crazy Sunday, got up cleaned a little. Eero had Jere come around for a few hours to play on the wii. While I caught up with my things to do, emails and other odd jobs. I also ended up playing sudoku! It was as hot as they promised.

We then went to get shopping from supermarket. I was planning to bake some cakes and make some homemade blackcurrant juice but I just didn't find the time or the want to be honest. I am still so tired from the end of this cold, it's actually shocking!

I called dad and we wished him happy birthday. Then chatted to mom on the phone for a while and caught up on the gossip from home. I miss being the first to hear things! Then we went on a drive to the spare garage and brought all the winter tires to our storage room. We then settled down to watch Shutter Island, it was a great film with a good twist that you don't see to much off these days! Anyway I won't spoil it for those that haven't seen it yet but it is worth it!

Well, Saturday while we were in Turku, i received an email from my tutor in Jyväskylä. A really nice friendly email telling me about herself and the university. Impressive I thought. Anyway I replied Sunday, telling her about me, us and life in Finland.

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