Monday, 26 July 2010

Mom and Dad's First Visit to Finland (part 2)

Monday 19th July
We exploded the rest of Hervanta in the afternoon. We did the washing and chores in the morning. Then went to Tampere Ikea... mom found some things they want for their new kitchen so they maybe importing stuff from Finland =) We brought more things we didn't need but I wanted =D

Tuesday 20th July
We went to Ahvenisjärvi and saw baby ducks, mom and dad enjoyed walking around the small lake we did it whenever they wanted too. We went into the shopping centre and spent sometime in there. We got shopping for dinner and made 4 home made pizzas. This is a meal I worried about with dad as he's not a lover of tomato sauce but he really enjoyed the pizza!

Wednesday 21st July
Mom, dad and me went into city to explore the rest of what we hadn't finished yet! We spent 3 hours looking around the city. We went into Kauppatori mom got a cake and dad got a potato cake (forgot the name at this minute). We came home and got changed and went to Perti's summer cottage. Another wonderful night, barbeque and more fish. Sun set on the lake was so pretty and mom sat on a rock watching the lake and talking most the night. We then left the summer cottage around 9pm and Eero took mom and dad on a little tour around Lempäälä.

Part Family shot

Sunset at Perti's summer cottage, Lempäälä

Me looking windswept

Thursday 22nd July
Tonight we are going to the 3rd summer cotttage and barbeque of the week. In the day we walked around Hervanta and Ahvenisjärvi. Baked two more cakes to take to the summer cottage. This summer cottage was a friend's and was in Valkeakoski (white rapids). Another nice night mom and dad got to met Eero's brother and sister's and the rest of the family. We talked into the night... We all had sauna and a swim in the lake. Mom and dad didn't go in but regretted it later.

Sunset at Valeakoskii

Eero resting <3

Friday 23rd July
Jouko came by to fetch us and we went to Viikisaari with him and Kati. This was an excellent day... we got to see and do lots of things and places I didn't know about. We had lunch in the resturant and had a little walk around the island. Then we went to Pyynikin Näkötorni, we went to the top of the observatory and took a few photos. Jouko drove us around some old houses to show mom more homes. Then we went back to Jouko and Kati's house and had doughnuts and coffee... Kati got me some bread I could eat =)

yes, this is photographic evidence of mom on a boat...

This was one of mom and dad's favourite days. They loved meeting Eero's family and seeing them so much.

In the evening we went to Ideapark, I got a new Halti bike bag and a new Halti coat that cost €200! whoohoo. Mom, dad and Eero had chinese takeway.

Saturday 24th July
The penultimate day, cloudy and cool matched the mood of the holiday almost over for me at least! We got up and went to Jyväskylä. We showed mom and dad the area where I was moving too in August and probably where Eero and me move for the next 2 years before we return to Tampere to settle. Though we did some house shopping while in Jyväskylä but there was nothing we wanted to buy! lol so rent it is! hehe mom and dad even did some summer house shopping.

We then showed mom and dad the university buildings I will be in then to the city centre campus where my language course is. We then parked up and went for an explore around city. Mom, dad and Eero ate lunch in Amarillo, looked lovely but they had nothing I could adapt to be allergy friendly. I also discovered Stockmann is only in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku... so I now its a certainty we will settle permanently in Tampere now! but I am excited about our two years in Jyväskylä.

Sunday 25th July
Home day for mom and dad. We were going to Helsinki but we decided not to bother. We talked all morning then went to get some kotipizza. Then in the evening we drove to Helsinki. Mom managed to cry, who knows why but I can't see her cry without crying so that was the goodbye. Mom managed to cry in the airport again and Eero was trying to wave to her but I told him not to cause she wass crying enough. There flight home was delayed by 2 hours, which annoyed me as delays can leave a bitter taste in a holiday's memories but next time they fly with another airline!

Mom promised Eero they would visit a month next year and also come for Christmas 2011... so the excitement begins. They loved their trip more than we thought they would. They loved to see so much to Eero's family and how welcome they made them here.

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