Sunday, 4 July 2010

Raisio, Turku, Naantali

Early to rise on Saturday, we packed the last few food things for our day out to visit Pekka and Katri and we left for Raisio. The original plan was to visit muumimaailma (Moomin World) but we decided with the day being so hot, time being limited, football being on that we would just visit the moomin shop. Happy with that we went to the shop. It was 28C outside and hot as hell.

We went to the shop, I was looking for a backpack, bike bag, badges/pins, pens anything I could justify buying. The shop was expensive like most shops of it's kind. We found a rucksack but I didn't like the design of it just didn't scream moomins like the price tag. Not surprising that there was no bike bag but a girl has to hope. We found some pins and I choose 4 of them to put on my new bag, when I get it! Looks like it will be Halti now and not moomin! We also got mom and dad a moomin rubber luggage tag each... of course I got one for myself too (Eero got me one =D)

After the shop to the bar... Then we drove in Turku, I have never been there before. We went to a Medieval Faire. It was a big one with shops, food and all sorts going on. I wished dad had been there it would of been his thing to eat all the odd foods they were serving. On the walk back to the car we saw some baby ducks. Eero showed me the church I think translated to doom church...

Then we went to a huge citymarket to get me cheese and milk. We returned to Pekka and Katri's and ate, watched football. Then we went to play mölkky, I had never played before but I did like the game and plan on buying it for some out door entertainment!

We left around 9.30pm, I was on driving duty for the longest drive I had done yet. It was a strange drive home as I am still aware that it's the wrong side of the road nor have I ever had to watch out for elks before. We arrived home two hours later in one piece so it must of been good!

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