Thursday, 8 July 2010

First week of July + Jyväskylä

It has been sunny and hot here all week.... averaging around 25C in the day and 17C at night. Wednesday lunch time the sky darkened with the thunder and rained they forecast looked promising. All we got was 25 minutes rain then the sun came out again forcing the humidity through the roof!

We have had a peaceful week, mostly. Monday the excitement was going to citymarket to make sure I had a few odds and ends sorted for the visitors next week! We also went to Anttila for nothing in particular just a look around to see if there was anything we wanted... there wasn't. I wanted to get some new dishes and plates but they didn't have in stock what we both liked. So Eero promised to take me to another bigger Anttila later in the week. Which he did today and we have the plates! Hopefully we can order the other things online or go back to the smaller Anttila... so much to do and so little time.

Eero has watched football whenever it was on and I read my book, just keeping an eye on the score. Still my books have not been dispatched after I declared them lost after never receiving them, it's so stressful waiting for these things and we have had no other problems getting things in the mail...

Wednesday I got my offer on the temporary student accommodation for the 2 months I need it in Jyväskylä, so I accepted that and we paid it off... the first bill to get paid from my Finnish account...

Lots of interesting things happened this week with jobs and cars both will change soon! I, on the other hand decided not to bother with a car just yet.... cheap trains and I get the bonus of borrowing our car when Eero isn't using it for work (same as now!).... best of both worlds I say!

Anyway this weekend it is Johanna and Jarmo's wedding so I must go pack ready for it =)

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