Sunday, 16 May 2010


Saturday was another hot day, no breeze most of the time so you could feel the sun burning you!

I didn't feel too bad in the morning yesterday so we went shopping for food (my rice wafers which were almost out of stock!!!). We also got some Rice ice cream I tried some at Hanna's it's not bad, if you can't eat dairy it is a very good alternative... I don't tolerate Finnish milk only Luomu doesn't cause much problem.

We decided as I felt a little better we would go picnic at Suolijärvi (everyone else in Hervanta had the same idea). So off we went armed with drink, rice wafers and some chips. We also found a nice blanket we used to sit on. We lay by the lake talking and reading for a few hours. We even braved a paddle (omg the water was sooo cold, not helped by the scorching temperatures)and lost feeling in my feet when the water got half way up my shins.

We then went for a walk around Ahvenisjärvi which is where we took some photos and found the last of a snow pile.

We came home and ate and I didn't feel too good so I canceled going to Nina's (which I was looking forward to all week!!!) lay on the sofa and watched some 24.

Today (Sunday) I slept better than Saturday night. Got up and finished the women pain of leg waxing (lol) I also managed to get wax on the sofa (not a good move). I was ill again today but I have my suspicions to what caused it and if it's right then it should get better from today.

Warm today, not as hot as yesterday. There is also a breeze and some clouds. Leaves are on the trees now and it looks like summer!

Hopefully we get the basket on my bike today and then I will take a photo =D Not much planned today; a walk, film and chill out!

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