Thursday, 20 May 2010

Things are looking up... finally

Well, I just received my official Right of Residence to stay here... I don't feel like an alien now, that sort of homeless feeling has pasted and I can stay without leaving every 3 months! Alas, I will still leave as often as I can to see friends and family and they can always visit us.

So now, I get to do normal things and fill in a million more forms to get them no doubt. Progress can't be denied though... To new beginnings and my own bus pass!

Oh, we walked around Suolijärvi again last night, I love that walk! Although I saw mosquitoes and some weird march type fly tried bite my head. Today is meant to be the last sunny hot day for a while.

Later I am going out on my bike. We are going shopping for rice wafers then back for ice hockey at 5pm. Hopefully we win this time! I am hoping E wants to come a walk after too.

I decided on a fitness plan, to lose 9kg over the next 6 months. Week one and only doing 4 nights of walking 4.3km in 38mins. Plan on doing it daily from next week. There's also a bike path too but its a bit to hilly for my current level of unfitness. Also started on the outdoor gym yesterday, I discovered I still have that motion problem when i get over something that moves like a treadmill my ears are screwed and it still feels like I'm moving. But life's hard, what can you do but play the game with the cards you are given!!!

Anyway, I need to finish the chores and go outside for a little bit.

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